Monday, March 9, 2009

Nice snow here

The true hot and bothering Nudist’s warm Spring I like to know isn’t here yet. Just the same, somebody else brought up the subject I needed for some thing to coment upon.
February is cabin fevered suicide month. I read that piece about only a week for an uppered 5% increase heart attack week. Damn.
I'm suffering Heart, Lung, and Liver disease not to to to heavily mention the dreaded OldTimes Disease. Been told more than once when I die I'll never know it for I'll be dead before I hit the ground. So, what the Hell, besides he medications I still take a few precautions. I've drastically lowered my cholesterol eating oats of some sort for breakfast 99% of the time, be it Oat bread toast, nuked rolled Oats wit raisins and honey under canned milk, and any Generic cold Oat cereal drowned in ½% milk. Was only an occasional big meat eater so there’s been nothing missed there. It takes me two day’s to eat a nuked popcorn treat. I’ve reduced my green vegetables intake. Yet lather everything with real city butter. (country Jersey cow butter is closer to like eating instant cheese.) I eat more true fish fillets when I can find them. And, most of all keep busy.
I’m trying my best to drive needlessly less for the publics safety. I’ve made a few modification in my diet and eating habits to more comfortably live out my destiny. I’m not the least bit worried about dieing. I didn’t ask to be given the gift of life, while I’ve done my best to live it to the fullest, I shan’t dwell about it’s ending. If somebody were to add up all of my life’s adventures‘, careers and accomplishments they’d likely total 125 Years. I’ve made two reasonable fortunes and lost them both. I’m still living moderately well. I’ve no regrets anywhere within my lifetime, having always done my best at whatever undertaking I pursued at the time. I can ask no more. With but one true love in my life it has been one Hell of an adventure. I’ve but one reservation. I need to hang around long enough to take care of my bride, as I had promised her on our wedding day.
Out of he house I moseyed over to finish the tractor work on spreading the wood chips. Near afternoon had to stop for gas. Getting back and fueled the tractor. By this time all the morning’s new fallen snow was gone, it as well the tractor’s starter. So its home for the field tools box. It was s’ghetti and meat balls for lunch.
Getting back to the tractor we surmised it wasn’t the starter but rather the starter solenoid. Replaced it, made good chip moving time until that stuck solenoid runaway starter sound came back. Balderdash! Evidently it wasn’t the solenoid. Checking the whole engine over we found the water pump pulley rocking rather interestingly up and down. We’ve finally found the noisy culprit. The water pump bearing was shot. Guess I’ll tage the old solenoid good and add it to the Ford’s shop pigeon hole. Ford parked out of the way, I headed home. I had my chores to do. Looking at my clock, this daylight saving time is a bunch of crap I’ve got to contend with until I’ve manage to change my body clock. It would not hurt my feelings if daylight saving’s time was appealed. BGKC.

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Donna said...

We got an inch and a half of rain last night. Weatherman says we're in for some more single-digit temps this week. Yuck.