Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Alzheimer's Observations

….and my take on it. Personally I think it a good idea to have a solid support group behind the principle sentinel. I believe it a good idea the troubled person should be introduced to as many the potential varied overseers, so that occasionally the sentinal may have an evening or day or two off.
I’ve watched over such troubled people knowing me, not knowing me. As I had tried helping a woman enjoy her evening I had foregone m research so that she may enjoy here’s. What a job this was. Her husband didn’t know me, more truthfully he had ever seen me before in his life. First line of a rest, the sentinel needs people who may help her out who look familiar to the troubled individual. Remembering names is no biggy, but recognizing faces friendly is a big help.
I’ve set with troubled individuals who knew my face and carried on many a fruitful conversation. Often times I could get the person I was watching talk over a subject of discussion. Always fun. Usually the troubled individual telling the story gets their needle suck in a scratch as if being played like a phonograph record. At these times I mentally bumped that individual’s mind and let them carry forth the rest of the story. These times I sure gleamed some many a secret brought out of the cobwebs forgotten in older closets. (several smiles here)
Worried about my own mind, experiencing short time memory, I’ve had myself examined twice in recent years. And I’ve managed to remember the apples and oranges each time. So I’ve been evaluated as being of sound mind. Whew.
One more additional bit of information. Upon an autopsy, Alzheimer’s patients have been found to have large amounts of aluminum attached to their brain’s cerebral cortex. Having learned this our house hold has cooked only in cast iron or stainless steal. We’ve also cut using those grooming products what also contain aluminum powders.
Here it is, I’m no expert or learned individual to make any scientific assumptions, but I may talk about my first lay person observations. Perhaps more another day?

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