Saturday, March 7, 2009

She’s feeling her oats

Up and around more and more these advancing days of Spring Frieda’s feeling’s better she's re-found her recently gifted stash of organized spices. Now, having said this, some of our meals coming out of our kitchen are a mite over seasoned. Some things have lost that old original tastes and flavors I’ve spent all my advancing years having become used to. But not all has been lost, for her renewed energy and for her own country styled home cookin’, I’ve been playing some tuneful notes paying tribute to her fine cooking with some numbers of musical pharts. Gladly, the old gray mare isn’t done yet.
Four hours into JD assembly I got one of them nagging indescribable back pains. Closest I can explain it might have been a muscle knotting up along side a vertebra. If it’s a numbered vertebra, I likely couldn’t have counted that low. For the pain I decided if it might be one of them back pains messing with my head, consequently I bowed out of the shop coming home to put ice on the offending backache area.
Walking in, I’m met with a couple surprises. One Frieda had our daughter take her to a hair dresser. (Note: I didn’t call it a beauty parlor!) Good golly all mighty, the old woman looked like a scalped foreigner who’d gottened lost and too shy to be seen out in our part of the world. The other surprise she’s started polishing the furniture. Where will it all end. Will she stay the course. She’s already started a Honey Do List. Dadnabit, she’s busy and just as exciting today as she was a couple life times ago. She’s something to watch. Reminds me of Mom. The girl who had married dear ol’ Dad.
Driving home a second time I was enjoying the most delightful daydream I could only have wished would come true.
Ah, I could still dream on all I liked her butt,…err…,but I knew it wouldn’t happen as it had over some thirty/forty decades before.
During last night’s chores I snapped this picture of some seventy/eighty geese having stopped in our closest water hole (wet land area) to rest for the night.
This morning heading out to the barn I was walking on solidly frozen mud. Looking around the corner of the barn the geese were all out sitting still or motionless in the ponds water. Wanting to get a closer looked I walked through the ladies domain. When I stepped over the yonder electric fence wire geese the length and width that pond started sounding their warnings, “Intruder” or “Look out.” Then there was, s pond’s waters. From were I stood I could see the poor birds plight. They’d have surely hurt themselves had I tried to help each and everyone of them individually. Then to my amazement all those geese flapping their wings as one together with such determination the lifted off the water hole taking the ponds frozen surface with them. They flew with such tenacity they cleared the trees flying out of sight. BGKC.

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Paula said...

So glad Frieda is feeling so much better. First thing you know she will have you taking her to a dance.