Sunday, March 1, 2009

February’s gone

Midmorning urinal contribution.
And I’m watching a striptease show on cable, “The Night They Raided Minsky’s.” What fun!
Hot damned it is cold this morning. 0* at sunrise. Not much better than that midmorning my coming in from two hour’s chores. (brrr) Fingers got so cold they felt as though were going to fall off. Taking my gloves of over the woodstove I was happy to see them still there.
Not yet noon.
March has come in with a few stiff breezes. “Tis a cold way to go flying your kite upon getting in trouble with the little woman and then fulfilling her suggestion.
Today I laid low. To low likely I need to bring in more firewood. The exercise would likely been good for me as Ugly’s unloaded, my putting out the two tubs protein supplements while doing chores. I’m so tired. This is it. BGKC.

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