Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My unemployment's benefits? More work!
Now, in a different vain……….
Gosh, from where do they all come?

All manner the unemployed stopping by asking, seeking farm laboring jobs.

What makes us look so wealthy. My 1980 pickup with the full flow through the body year round air conditioning, a couple tractors 40 years and more old.
Their offer's and suggestions: I can clean your barn, I can help make hay, thus far.
I've offered nailing back down the sidings on out building and painting them. No takers to anything what might be aerial.

How can so many people out of work be so job selective?
There has been some sort of a fowl up with one of my medications, two really, one not only mine. Bottom line I’m missing one I’d supposedly even signed for. I don’t remember. Frieda got one prescription wrongful dosages. These problems have taken place over the last few days. Insurance kicking in I should experience another refill tomorrow. Okay, so we’re both all set. Only I’ll continue to watch for my supposed missing prescription bottle. This will continue to bug me.
When I finally got to the JD what fought me last night for a couple hours refusing to go together did so without much of a hitch this morning. And I continued adding more and more parts to the gargantuan chunk of iron. That is I’ve less and less leftovers to worry about.
Getting down to adding fluids and hooking up the wiring the last couple pieces (wiring clamps) will likely be revealed as to where they should go.
4:00/4:30 PM The head-aching strikes took after me again. My wanting to come home, my brother could find more last minute chores for me to share in. Check all the lots for food stuffs in front of the animals; gather up his trash from the shop, outside the shop and in his garage putting it all out for morning‘s pickup.
Chores should be finished by 7:00 PM the rest of the evening’s mine, including the miserable headache I ain’t been asked to share with anyone. But the position remains open. Any volunteers?

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