Saturday, March 28, 2009

I’m going…..

….to watch the weather turn to crap now that I’m finished with JD for as far as I can go without battery boxes and batteries. Now I’ve the time weather predictions call for rain and/or snow covering our area tonight and tomorrow. This a bummer. I have to sit brother my being ready with a hand when he needs it. Meanwhile my preliminary field work’s about to be fowled up. The more immediate need now is rolling up all the fences out back and making fix more fences down the road. Uninterrupted the Cushman and I may pickup six miles and some wire out here in two days, Well, almost! Chip always in a panic to get out back in the fall manages to cut a wire costing me a quart mile wire or more and this was a new one to replace the one he’d cut the year before that. (groan) It‘ll most likely be a waste of my time but I‘ll be going out there using the Cushman only for a ride and a haulster to carry my hand wire winding tools out there and back. Let me see if I can come up with a loaded WANT list to keep him on the road for a day or two, better yet, three day minimum and out of my hair: barrel motor oil, five gallon anti freeze, tractor batteries, JD battery boxes. And, then there’s the loading the right driver on my favorite Ollie out here.
392 looked like she was going to make it up today. I looked after her needs. And went to work taking care the whole herd’s needs. Then called Tom to see if he wanted to see the grain grinding operation. He did. After all I had to do to become ready Tom rode along. When we had finished I bought him lunch. And, after that we worked in shop, on tractor, sparkplug cleaner. Through shear determination upon my part putting new friend Tom to continue working on the Champion Sparkplug cleaner-tester until I got it right and working. }:^))
In all reality it was Tom’s continued efforts in total that he finally found what had gone wrong with that contrary machine some months back to have made it useless ever since. Sure’s nice having it working again to clean plugs and evaluative them.
Coming home tonight it was no good. 392 hadn’t made it up and it appears there’s no use kidding our selves. Come morning I’ve got to put her out of her misery. This I’m the heavy again. Then bury her. BGKC.

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