Thursday, March 12, 2009

No time for wrenching

Up, dressed, four slices oat bread toasted, I was out the door for therapy. Getting back two hours later I was on the road again transporting empty hay wagon to yonder hay-yard, picked up empty feed wagon and headed for the elevator. Supplements loaded, I’m tipped for my tractor wiring efforts of a couple weeks ago. No point arguing with the merchant I pocketed the cash. Then the merchant told me Larry was working on a pickup‘s wiring. The man has a diabolical mind. While I’m Thimking, “Oh No!” I figured I might better taks a look see into the Elevator’s repair shop. Poor Larry intimidated by any single piece of wire simply wired between two terminals is a challenge. “Sorry Larry?” I just had to think it. Taking a look from above I too couldn’t ferret out the proper dead wire in a bundle of six. Yup, Larry had a head scratcher alright. Pocking around with a light testing probe thingy finding nothing I had to get down and slid under the truck. I found a wire loosely hanging with what looked like no apparent reason. Light testing it it was the missing right turn signal wire Larry had been looking for all day. Where it went from there, I had no idea, but trying to think of a good place to put it I alternatively suggested replace a non functioning wire on the female plug assembly. Then suggested, “Keep everything loose until you’ve hook on the trailer and checked the lights. If they’re all working correctly close everything up when you’re satisfied with the operation of the lights. Now, I’m waiting for an early tomorrow morning call. This activity shot at least a half hour my days valuable time having so much to do for myself.
Home, tractor started, I set up the ginding machinery. Then got at it. Almost finished with the goind the tractor sputters and dies. Snaggle flassher! Well it has done this before having just done it again. Tractor battery to old/too week to roll the engine over it was time to take a crunchied earth walk down to the barn and bring up the brand new charger starting box, carrying more than wheeling it through thr insistent rutted rolled tract squished ridges. Hooked up on a cord I had to lay out, thankfully the mechanical beast started. I finished the drind then had to deliver it. When I was all done, tractor and grinder put away, everything else I had gotten out went on truck for closer unloading down at the barn later. I still had the ground feed to deliver and hay to load and bring back for feeding my ladies today and tomorrow. Tonight’s work was finished unloading the pickup truck. I was after seven my getting in before the fire. A fire that while it warmed my outside, a good supper of hamburger steak, gray to enjoy over mashed potatoes flanked by a vegetable mix peas, beans, and corn warmed my insides. A welcomed fire it is this evening to draw the chill out of my ageing bones. BGKC.
To sleepy to edit this, I wish all a good night.

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Paula said...

Good night to you Fernan. Sleep well.