Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I’m late…..

…….I’m late, got no time to wait, no hello’s, no goodbyes, I’m late for the day‘s grand tea party. Got so very much to do. I must stay focused what’s required first and in order.
More than plenty to do today I started earlier than the usual. Having to go down to the barn to fee the cats anyway, brought me a piece of cardboard up to the house where I had abandoned the Cushman last night. It was one of them get down and get under situation’s. The right hand cylinder not running up to par I had decided to replace its spark plug for a fresh one. The old sparkplug assembly coming out nicely was about as far as the replacement was going to go. Trying as I may I could no way restart the renewed spark plug assembly. Unable to see what was going on after several attempts I gave it up until I’d have an eighteen millimeter tap. Using the Cell I found on available. Bro’ already headed that way with an already long wish list he could just as well bring me back the tap.
Meanwhile, I performed an over do burial service. Then added the hay forks to the backhoe’s material bucket to venture out into no man’s land to bring in all the hay rings burying themselves in the mud. Poor Ford darn near lost itself in combinations of deep draft sludge-mud or maybe some finely mixed slip and slid slurry, and some tire grabbing uneatened tough waste hay stalks buried enough making wheel chucks found when driven onto/into. The drivers loosing traction I drove the loader about in that mud with the digger boom fully extended for added weight leverage. The broken hay ring is in the farm yard. The original rings on the inner side the near west pasture the recently repaired ring joining them. Needing more tools and for Cushman I went for them. I also needed another set of machinery keys needing them so I may hay the ladies. Getting back it was lunch time to get out of the way. Then it was closing gates shuttling hay. The ladies looking over my shoulders, it were a good time to check this pasture’s fence. Down in two places, broken in another, and a blown down dead old elm tree I didn’t need on the fence. So it was turn the wire off, splice the broken wire, run the Ford over the fence for a strategic lift point for a balanced dead tree loaded to be taken away, tighten the fences closing up the downed spots in the wires, and turn it all back on. My wires were hot. Then it was back to the Cushman to discover the engine head’s sparkplug threads were stripped out. This was just hunky-dory. In no help readily available and had to pick up and pack up Cushman’s tools. No real esay way to move it it sits abandoned another night right where it remains. Shazbot!!! Terry’s been hitting the hops, bro’s phone don’t answer, and Keith’s failed to call me back. It isn’t until now I remember Handy could have helped me move Cushman to the shop where I may install a helli-coil for new sparkplug threads. It’s all alright. When I came in for supper, I was dragging arse. Just which cheek was the lowest I’ll have to take another’s word for it. Supper? Just Liver and onions as I like! Just what I’m denied having! Just what I ate for the sheer pleasurable Hell of it. I haven’t been celibate all my life either. BGKC!

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Paula said...

I would eat dirt before I would eat liver. Sorry Frieda I'm sure you are a good cook. I just can not stand that taste or smell. John feels that way about salmon and I love it. The last time I cooked salmon he told me to never cook salmon in his house again. lol