Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Loosing it…..

This what is what I get or it got me for reading one my favorite internet ladies. They innocently raise my ire,…..madness.
I'm immediately ticked off when I can't make a purchase without a credit card. I tried it one time accepting a free card. I got a statement $57.00 processing fee. I tried calling them getting run around in electronic circles never getting a live person to talk to. I ignored bill until an actual person called dunning me. Trying to explain courteously my position not wanting a free card I had to pay for twice I totally lost it. I clearly voiced my refusal to pay anything for a tricked service I had no longer wanted within the three days my getting the bill. Before I was through with the low-life woman I promised a law suit through my local court, if I was ever bothered again. Finely, I was never to hear from them again.
Damn it, I mad all over again. These practices I'm sure from this experience has helped get a whole lot of people, going along with the flow, have rode into so much financial trouble.
Dad-gum-it, She’s done it to me again.
Quoting her, “We didn't eat cactus like the cattle do but we did eat a little bit of everything else. Have you ever watched people at a buffet? We were lined up like cattle filling our plate to the brim.”
This has reminded me having taken the kids with me on fishing camp-outs. Besides the fish we’d caught and ate I foraged around for other things: mushrooms, lambs quarter, clover, watercress, cattail parts, sassafras, nuts, and more. Missed trying pine nuts, crayfish. Have indulged for myself eating ants and grasshoppers. All these things yummy if properly prepared. Have also eaten frog legs; although, these are Frieda’s specialty knowing where to catch, then fix them. Getting back to camp-outs, it was fun fixing these thing and then talking the kids into trying them. Slow at first, momentum picked-up once their appetites had been wetted. Best part, coming home, kids telling mom, “Wow, Mom, Dad’s a good cook.” My secret, I waited until they were hungry before feeding them. Woiked every time.
A quiet day. Had four hard bouts with the damnable lightening striking headaches again. Took oxygen each the four times total as the University Hospital had directed.
I other corners around here Frieda’s busier and busier sorting more and more bags old clothes we‘ve out grown. She even cut me up an old summer dress for handkerchiefs. While that dress wasn’t my color way back when I could find them hankies hard explaining if I should need to pull one out for a runny nose. Meanwhile, Frieda’s been energetic as Hell ever sense my stopping by the Dollar Store picking up some purrty oven mittens and dishtowels.
Late this afternoon Frieda’s near celebrating the return of her favorite physical therapist, Rika. He’s going to be teaching (showing) Frieda some new exercises to stretch and lengthen her atillies tendon to eliminate (ease) the pain behind (in) her arthritic heals. While he was here I took another quick flight around the house. It felt good coming back in for a landing, I’ve got to tell. Rika was impressed, though he also reminded me to use it in moderation for all my ailments. My headaches seem to have eased up some since. Likely coincidental. BGKC.

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Paula said...

John gets ticked off too when he needs a credit card to buy something. Once a company told him he didn't have bad credit, he just didn't have any credit.