Friday, March 20, 2009

Signs of Spring

Oddly enough I awoke to some animal rightists trying to put a hog producer out of business on the telly this AM. Getting the tail end they had originally had him arrested and charged with ten counts animal cruelty. Judge dismissed six counts. He was tried on four counts and convicted improper transporting of swine and put on probation for a year and had to have animal treatment learning (or councilling?). This was in Ohio I think? I've got to find the show again and watch it from the beginning. A HBO production, I wonder who's side HBO is on?

Signs of Spring?
Paula has the loveliest picture of two rattle snakes doing a mating dance.
Donna’s Secret has developed an attachment to a black protein molasses tub.
The loop has made a couple short appearances.
Mel back on line is becoming more and more like her old self, crazy. I love that girl.
Kelly’s got a legitimate rant. Tell it like it is girl!
I liked the guy’s the their green outfits. Either that or I’m wearing the wrong sun glasses.
And hoping Alice has gotten her dishes done in time for Spring so’s she can start dirtying them for Summer.

“Surprise, surprise, surprise!” as Gommer Pyle used to say. Ugly brought (though empty) the ground feed wagon in, up, and over the lower driveway without the assistance of four wheel drive in any range.
Grain ground I worked on Cushman for a while. Jug’s been rethreaded with a heli-coil. Now hoping it stays put and does its spark plug holding work for me. Now, while it is in shop whole buggy needs going over. Oil change, grease job, the brakes taken up, and I’ll leave the buggy out for a soft rain water wash job. Brought home a heavy load of hay. Ladies are happier on the drier ground the pasture change over. I’ve got to find some time to plow in a bunch of out back. Grounds may be dry enough for The Cushman and I to wind wire. Shall see! BGKC.

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Paula said...

wishing you and Frieda a happy spring.