Wednesday, July 4, 2012

7-4-2012 July 4th

I regret to report that in some quarters of my most immediate home’s neighborhood, the seriousness of my eminent momentarily passing was grossly exaggerated. But here I sit within the confines my home dear home doubly celebrating the 4th July with my bride and a strong son.
Sunday morning started for me with my uncontrollable stumbling about the house running into an open standing door (ouch). It followed more stumbling into cabinets another door jamb twice, both going’n’coming.  When I had managed to return to my bed I laid there ever so fearful to close even one eye; I was so completely discombobulated.  Shortly thereafter the household brimming with activity  ‘cept yours truly Herr Clink gave me an ultimatum, Either call your brother or 911.”So it was Bro’ us’en together taking the yellow brick road that eventually found me incarcerated for 3days. ‘N’ It took that long to get a cup’a’joe unfit for drinken!
The rumor I had been sent to the hospital’s burn unit wasn’t exaggerated. Obviously my rep going before me, myself to hot to handle, I was housed where the staff had had that extra fire fighting training. All I can stuttering relate about this area is it was exceedingly environmentally rich in live scenery.  Take for instance the two drop dead gorgeous PT women. Insistent on taking me out into the hall, which by the way has a somewhat of an oval hall, one ahead of me I couldn’t catch, one behind me with a prod I couldn’t get away from. On our return to my by then imagined stable, I had to ask them, “What do you girls think I am?  A retarded Chippendale?”
My head and neck looked into by every means available to modern medicine. Several times after several medical individuals looked at these awesome pictures I was assured there was nothing there. My family even agreeing. (I get no respect!)
On dismissal, I’ve had a minor TCI (minor stroke), been give three more drugs to take, must report in for PT (what? To walk around? I can do that here looking at my (HoHum) ladies!), and a script for a wheel fitted walker.
It is sure not a good thing to take a grandpaw to town any to often……
So, here I am, “Home sweet home” basking in the light of my Wife and her love. “Tis surer, ‘tis good to be home.
Thanks for all the good thoughts


Sue said...

Fernan, please take good care of you, we who lurk and wait for every post, want you around for a long time

Sue said...


Paula said...

You never lose your sense of humor about the cute girls no matter what. better straighten up Frieda still has that frying pan. Seriously take care of your self.

Donna said...

That sounds scary. Now you straighten up, you hear me?