Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7-31-2012 better yet

Yup, I’m better yet. Maybe slowly but surely regaining my strength. Not letting anything press me when I awoke a bit ago, I laid there, comfortable in my skin having gloriously enjoyed slowly waken up without even the slightest need to run through the house for any need. Whoopee! This economy burying my household just as seriously as some other in worse shape than ours I had finally gotten to the last of entities who had owed me for to long. Things are looking up again. Had to pick up some fencing supplies; so, while I was at it I stopped by the UPS store. It was on my way. Priced the shipping costs my books. SOaB! I was thinking! I must have been out of my mind? Domestic mailing rates: 1st glass mail no particular fancy or protecting packaging USMail about a $1.50. 1st class mail in protective packaging $2.50. USM mail book rates crazy!!! 1#* class package UPS shipping no bargain what ever. Over the seas mail rates: 1st class USMail minimal but sturdy enough packaging protection, $9.50 + postal $1.98 envelope. Regardless packaging UPS over seas 1# standard packaging, packaging of any kind, $91.00, period. It’s my guess anything I may mail to western Pacific areas will either go via snail mail or stuffed in a bottle. So many medical appointments dumped on us recently one was canceled without our knowing it yesterday. Frieda has one today 35 miles the other side of Flint. These getting to those far side city medical appointments the energy costs bury us financially. As much as farm fuel costs the farm fuels goes one Hell of a lot further. Somethin’ ain’t right at all! It ain’t right at all!! Golden years…er…BullShit!!! Nuts! Need to feed myself, and get out with my yesterday purchased number 9 wire and work on putting some cattle panel fencing together in the catch pens. Out here. “Rainbows.” Fernan *# = pound.

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