Saturday, July 14, 2012

7-14-2012 Got lots excuses…..

….been up and down ….in and out of it…..feeling good and feeling low.  One thing sure the relentless heat isn’t helping me one-way or another. I seem or feel thirsty all the time. Seems to be no end to my thirst regardless the water amounts I consume. I don’t know?

How’s about some fun stuff…? Had some grand children pay us a visit a couple weeks ago. Spied my great grandson slipping around the side of the house to the outside edge of the lawn to wee-wee. I joined him. We do live in the country, after all, and pretty much out of sight the maddening crowds. So, we let it go. Well he commenced to let his go, putting out a high flying stream traveling some three to four feet out in front of him. Myself on the other hand, having to look down making sure my shoes were spread so’s I didn’t get my own feet wet. Yup, I stood next to a fountain of youth…!!!

We all made a great big package deal seeing our family doctor, all of us at once in one colossal visit. Frieda had an shortness of breath difficulty of breathing episode right there in the Doc‘s office. Her need for a portable oxygen system was right then and there finally taken care of.
Fillip’s lists medical needs were attended to, cause of illnesses, required medications, RX for chiropractic care.
I was looked after requiring my meds updated. Got chewed out by his office’s Attila the Hun. Made more Reindeer Hay conquests. And in leaving the witch had still left my med requirements two more for a total week’s screw-up going near without some my meds. She claims to be over worked. I some times wonder if I don’t get more done sitting down than she does rushing around.
Frieda’s additional oxy bottles had been finally delivered.

The haying continues to go on. The heat continues to beat me down. When feeling rung out I quits and wind-up snoozing. A modern waste of time as I see it. Finishing my days feeling totally un fulfilled. Bummer!!!

Worked hours in the shop have gone undone on the cause of excessive heat.  It has even been to hot to cut fire wood.

Fillip along with neighbor Terry mounted us an air conditioner in one of our windows. Pushing on 95+* outdoor’s the machine’s hour’s operation is holding the temps down to a shade under 80* indoor‘s. I can live with that, particularly while it’s still a shock going either in’r’out through these portaled doors.

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Paula said...

Laughing @ you and your grandson's contest to see who could pee the highest. Bet he will never forget this or you.