Thursday, July 19, 2012

7-18-2012 Another Duh

From what I had posted for yesterday my activities were grossly under mentioned. For instance I had tried to sell my book to a couple a tight utility workers. My cows were observed coming out two gates just as if they had been invited, Fillip and I heading them off. Gather up, sternly spoken too, and regrouped inside their proper barnyard area, we fixed the gates. I can’t say I blame them their exodus. Their pasture short Fillip and I immediately moved to check and open to them a properly selected bit of better pasturage under my personal direction. Took awhile. Resetting the electrical connections, replacing missing insulators, and just generally inspecting the area to keep them honest within. Then after setting the ladies loose it was nearing time to be moving on. I had met with a road construction crew boss and made an arrangements with him to dump their roadway over-burden on this farm’s lower driveway. I gave them two farm drive options, I guess they choose this one for ease of in and out. It’s good stuff mostly gravel and stone. ( yeah!!!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Have wakened late this morning. Our weather is a welcomed drizzling rain hovering over us. While it isn’t delivering the all the rain we desperately need, at this moment in time, we’ll accept what we can get. I’ve got a to long a list of supposed to do’s. Need to make a grain run, need to complete yesterday’s in completed fence repair, need to get back to that fence we hadn’t put up day’fore’yesterday. The cool airs moving over us this AM are easy to take Cool enough we’ve turned the air-conditioner off. Well most of this is an addendum to last night’s journal contribution. So now I’d better get onto this day. Time or some artery scrubbing oat cereal. Then head out and do something at make up some of all the time I had set watching the AC as if it were broadcasting the best air wave broadcasts in days. Jellybeans Fernan

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