Thursday, July 19, 2012

7-17-2012 Weather’s cooled off

With the sweltering heat of the past few days easing some I;ve been trying to get back into it. Only I’m still either wearing  or winding down without enjoying he truly satisfying labors of putting in a good day.

Because we’d had some rain with promised more I took to lazily starting my day willing to listen to a few more dedicated old pharts. The stiffs bellied up to the Crossroads Connie Island coffee round table were to tight to shell out for the book. My turning in to my neighborhood seed and elevator on my way back was a good turn indeed. The crew and the proprietor there bought the books and took more to park in a close center stage place on his business counter. Another stop, no sales, but lots of advice. Advice alone doesn’t reimburse the piggybank. Then it was getting back into what I should have ben doing. Some delayed farm chores. A couple immature bulls had gotten out and took out a fence. Welp, Fillip and I did a temporary repair to it. Today we’ve got to make solidly stronger today right after we load down the Cushman with what we need to fix two fences. It looks like a long day today. Ain’t going to be a day for either peddling nor selling a tragedy. (Grin)

Getting in last, supper it was, and bed immediately followed. I’d no idea what had so completely tired or warn me out? That bed sure felt good, laying down alone eased away some intruding backaches.

A few graham crackers with a glass milk should put me right for the rest of the night
Sweet Dreams

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