Thursday, July 5, 2012

One Thing’r’another

I’m home after an worrisome adventures in the hands of the wizards at the end of the horsportal’s yellow brick road. Evening last happily looking forward to a second night’s long blissful sleep it was not to be. Nuts, it would seem I’m to be struck by another malady in wit I’ve had not even some short introductory introductions. Last night they seemingly lasted forever? Usually when I feel some out of the ordinary going on within my body, I lay down and that feeling has normally gone away. But, not this evening last.
Last night my legs got to uncontrollably jumping around, the left one radically, the right limb trying to keep up. I hadn’t even approached or started to dreaming naughty thoughts and was continuing my uncontrollable wildly running even in a horizontal positioning. What the  blankity blank-blank is happening with in me? Have I mysteriously contracted an involuntary restless leg syndrome. I had rolled to my right and left innumerable times in an effort to shake off the phenomena. My memory lapsed I know not when I’ve no idea when that exercise had stopped; however, I was so relieved when I had waken to find I had some blessed restful sleep after having run in place for at least some three hours.
In our travels to try catching up over my personal down time we hit the road, I’ve got more meds to take, made it to town making it my choice what kind of a walker I wanted. Also picking up an ordered new tire. On the road going and coming noticed an army like numbers of squirrels already collecting nuts for this up coming’s next winter. As for me I readily stooped to some unmentionable means to protect my valuables.
New tire aboard the Ugly truck we removed ourselves to the shade and our rural method’s of air conditioning a tire fixing workplace, a couple liberated furnace squirrel cage blowers from a couple defuncted furnaces.
A couple often summer oriented old furnace fans can sure make a big difference perspiration wise keeping a hard woiking guy drier. Okay, to the meat of these lines… The new tire‘s mounted while at the same time most of Ugly‘s tires had also been rotated also.  To finish up the tire replacement we checked them all air the lot of them 10%aiir pressured over manufacturers specs. This does two things: (1) helps improve gas mileage, (2) helps the tires wear evenly rather than the outside edges first.
Ugly rolling again, we’re called, so picked up pop-up trailer on way home for guests use over the weekend. Heaven help me avoid disappointment.

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