Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What to do wit book?

Frieda’s finally been given more mobility with a standby supply of carry-able oxygen bottles, and then particularly after Fillip came up with a more comfortable strap system to tote over her shoulder. So now she‘s a happy camper holding down her swing under our front yard‘s maple tree..


Now der book:
My 1st shipment of “Santa’s Reindeer Hay” books arrived yesterday. And so as I had paid to do my own book publishing I'm responsible for the broader promotional aspects of getting my book noticed and sold.

Been reading all I can on the info’ highway to come to one colossal understanding…. “I have no idea what all this free media is trying to tell me?” Web site offers, which one is the best for me? Web site designing, how do I do that? Or, simply hitting the road, simply ignored for oppressing energy costs. 2nd bottom line I have to save or include any in person promotional pursuits with other farm business motoring runs. The animals come first!

So for now, I read and re-read , and hopefully hope some of these confusing details I’ve been reading will surely sort themselves out in my mind. For the immediate moment this web site business is pressing upon my mind do I publish a product price and my personal location to take mail orders. One thing sure, I could sure use some funds of any-kind to get my book out to the public.  Then comes to mind, “Do I need a state tax license? Nuts! More paper work!?!?


Oh crap! I’ve got to do something about getting us a laundry washing machine today, get the last of my medications getting together the full case of them for a needed daily medication prescription adjustments. Then there’s been all this blessed heat I’ve simultaneously endured/avoided. I’ve got to hit the road today, and that would be upon the only thing closely resembling a vehicle with AC is the Cushman and that’s as long as I keep it moving!


For now. Be Good Kind and Careful.

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