Wednesday, August 1, 2012

8-1-2012 Unwanted gremlins

Feeling relatively well after a indeterminably long high-hate-tus. My second day, approached, “Feel like cutting some hay or at least breaking in a feild so’s Tom may take over?” Wood-I, wood-I. glory be, tractor time! The machinery for this use having been parked in weeds and grass near as tall as most the tractor and all the mover, I mistakenly assumed it’d be an all a-okay norm and ready for work. Off and running just getting up on the road I felt an unusual vibration, one side mower low, stopped in middle road. My climben down I observed one nasty looken multi folded what looked like some black baker’s dough in process being hand turned into pumpernickel bread. NUTS! A call out of help, the whole rig backed into the wrong-side the road’s ditch leaving exasperated tire on road for fixing. Fillip on arrival has wrong jacks, but we made do. Rim wrenched off, to shop we went for damage assessment. Glorry be the rim-tire unit looked salvageable. Taken apart fro some serious washing clean for reassembly it when together looking almost as good as new. Only aired 35#’s it had 2 air leaks. DOUBLE NUTS! Re-broken down again. A tread leak was found after looking over some inbeded wood in the tread, We could assume that tire had been punctured either by Russian Olive, Crab Apple, or MultiFloweral Rose thorns. The tire interiorly patched, the tubeless valve stem gingerly removed tire greased installed, all put back together we were holding air. Whooppee! [IMG][/IMG] Or Photobucket So Damned late in the day by time machinery was read to roll, myself just plainly worn out (simply tired my month old health’s ordeal) it was to Hell with cutting hay. I called it a day. So it is I’m gonna cut it some the hay rain or no. We can wrap it if necessary! ‘Sides, these bovine critters sure do go for they wrapped hay silage come winter snows. It always smells good to me. Hasn’t tasted bad either my trying it. “Moo!” Fernan

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