Friday, August 3, 2012

8-3-2012 How much can one weary specimen take?

8-3-2012 How much can one weary specimen take?
Good golly your best cheeses available just how much can a concerted old geezer of only the representations the likes of myself take. All the beautiful healthy young vibrant woman playin beech volley ball, court team volley ball, bicycling theri untiring limbs pumping those likes to finishes, women divers in singles and teams.
Good golly ma thee be at least one Saint to preserve me from my lusts. Just how much do all these automatists expect a poor old geezsers heart can take. And adding spontaneous team hugs together without me in the middle.
I’m warning me, watching these Olympic team games are hazardous to my mental and physical heaths. My case desperately tries to rest while my coffin waits……
It ain’t faia I’m tellen you between what my Mom told me and Herr Clinks handy hand on hr skillet.
Ohhhhh, whoa is it my may I be-saved yet another weak kneed week all this vissional platitude.
S there ant such thing as a whole bodied band aid for a 5’17” lad at heart??????
I rest my raging corpuscles before they involuntarily flow away. May at least be worthy enough for at least one tender hearted Saint ‘ill preserves me!!!!
Faining Prayer

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Paula said...

Okay now calm down Fernan.