Sunday, August 5, 2012

8-4-2012 An Old Companion’s back

All I had done was spend some few hours partially cutting a long over do alfalfa hay field. Minding my own middle of the night sleeping time I was wakened stuffed up, short on air, choken on my own flem, I was wakened with itching eyes and a stuffed nose. It just ain’t right to feel this way over reoccurring sinus malady a body’s got no control over. One hing’d sure when I’m all over it in a few days I’ll be feeling a lot better. (grumble, grumble, growl, growl)

Something what “T’s me off no end is waking up with Damned good line in my mind. Then by the time I’d waken up enough wishen I had had a pencil and paper handy, I no longer remember what it was I wanted to say for posterity, “N” all this feeling behind a nose I’m imagining so big my face is hidden from view behind it. (NUTS!) Now saving the worst for last, my eyes are so glazed over under running what a can only describe as alien fluids impeding my continually lessened vision. Leaning up to the monitor squinting even to what I can make out of all the wrong print I’ve managed to put up there, I’ve exhausted myself. Last line it just ain’t right a body should feel this bad when he’s supposedly getting some of his health back!


Walking through my door I want something liken tea cold and super wet and fluids topped off a wanted bed. Sleep was instantaneous. I slept for hours, waking occasionally only to expell some luid into a bed side bottle.

This as my day putting in what time I could handle then wanting left alone.


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