Thursday, August 2, 2012

8-2-2012 Brand new body thrill….

….as in an un-experienced spanked body spell.
Morning waking felt some lame my left side. By between 1:00 and 2:00 lame turned into full left side body pain: left limb, l rump, l torso side, and l same side the side neck. I couldn't hurt for the aches & pains. I laid down finding my most comfortable position and slept almost 6 hours. Any idea my latest temporary malady cause? Ain't ever heard of this kind a stroke and dismissed it. Feeling some better today. was my diagnoses close to or right on?
Medications taken for condition 1 5mm Valium and 2 100mg ibuprofens (twice today), plus ice packs laid down back‘s left side.

Predicted rains moving this way there’ll be no hay making today (mowing) Am going to measure hydraulic lift systems between the newer and older mowing machines, looking for better machine lifting speed for the newer machine.

If feeling good enough, I should’ve been trying a more Greenee Truck’s new replacement engine work. I hates uselessly laying around doing nothing. Laying down instead I once more found my escape from pain.
Am thinking tonight’s sleep shall be easier slept.


Whelp’s it turned out my left side so damnably sore I didn’t get much of anything done. I didn’t even look at either one of the downed truck’s needs. I‘s just a to-dab-blamed-sore to look let alone give anything a thought, I did no more than what was asked of me.
Did some machinery component measurements for speeder machinery lifting hydraulics. All I managed was the facts measured and recorded without any heavy weight thoughts involvement.


Congratulations Gabby Douglas your Olympic Gymnastic Gold. Bless you dear. If you’re ever in my neighborhood stop and see me for a congratulating hug you’ve well earned.

This covering my day I’m wishing everyone else something brighter…..

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