Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What’ll I do

“What’ll I do?” I’s a question I shall wait out the day for an answer. A medicine confiscated, one ditched at least temporarily, and still one more modified, what’ll I do? I’d like to get away from here if I could get a ride during these enjoined trying times our individual body’s healing. I’d so like to find that special gift for my sweet thing. Maybe later?
My head is screwed on so tight I don’t think even in this season of goblins and ghouls a wicked wrench could even loosen it up for immoral thoughts. I just plainly hurts. I’m on my fourth pain medication change, and I’ve a feeling it’s working even less than the one I quit yesterday? I don’t know?
I might have a little more cooperation with the so called sunny weather we’re SUPPOSED to have had today scheduled to last the next six days. HAH! It’s cold, rainy, sleet, more rain, snow, and even rainy. What kind of a recipe is this from Mother Nature for a sun brightened day? Bah!
Staggering around the house as if in a drunken stupor. (I only looked at the Southern Comfort bottle. I didn’t partake) Frieda’s visiting nurse looking at me, sternly said, “You mustn’t drive tomorrow” Making a couple calls I found Chip more than willing to take us where we need to go to keep Frieda‘s doctors appointments. ‘Tis so nice the two physicians she needs to see are in the same facility at the same time and fuel saving us an extra trip. This sort of cooperation could spoil me.
On the home front I held tight the basement railing my ups and downs doing laundry. I missed keeping a chat date with a Maryland gentleman. I owe him an apology. I wrote this, “I've been feeling a bit more than just a little off center. Walking and talking a straight line today hasn't been easy. I wish I had had that bourbon I feel as though I had drunken to have gotten this hangover pain. Doing tonight's chores the hay-rings felt as though they weighed more than twice as much I remembered from last night. I'm even beginning to hurt all over.
'Till later.
Went for ride with Bro’ looking for a feed wagon this afternoon I had seen some months ago. Thinking I remembered seeing where it was at when it were ‘for sale’ I’ve presumably lost it in my memory. Traveling two roads I plainly didn’t see the surroundings I remembered the wagon had been seen sitting in. We returned more than doubly empty handed. We returned myself embarrassed I hadn’t written down the item and place where I had seen it. This another lesson learned. Today wasn’t wasted, my learning something even if it were from my own stupidity.
Returning home as long as I was outside I did my chores. Checking fuel I’d do them this afternoon on vapors. I’ve got o haul fuel tomorrow sure. Also hope weather breaks for making more hay, even if it’s only for immediate feeding.
Having postponed lunch to go for ride with Bro’ I fixed my lunch on my return. I was starved. Eating I should have felt better. Only today’s medication isn’t strong enough if taken by prescription instructions. I had to lean on it. My head in a vice is no way to live. Now I know what a migraine is. It has got to be a mind and spirit destroyer. If another poor soul is plagued with such an illness may God grant that person peace understanding and forbearance. BGKC.


Paula said...

So sorry you're feeling so badly. One time a doctor prescribed Diazide for me and I had such a headache I thought my brain was going to burst.

Anonymous said...

Hey fellow, try laying low for a few days till you get back on your feed. It is clesr here now but we've had 2 days of rain and the miseries. I wish I could find somebody to come here and give me a hand with all the work I have backed up. I just stopped in for a bite of lunch and I'm about to go out off load some topsoil from my pick-up.