Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boss Mom’s new Knee

Morning’s rising came extra early. Bathing, dressing, packing, organizing (Frieda Me) I had everything running clock work smoothly. I know how to get it done when Herr Clink’s not around to explain it.
Dispirit Kountry Life Journal entry
Good morning:
I've just delivered Herr Clink into the hostile establishment for a knee replacement.
I've tried to access my beloved Shorthorn country site while being told it's either pornographic or to explicit for my readers tender eyes. Farm life, animal, tractors, crops, ME one are all to explicit???
I'd appreciate it if someone would stop by the home site and tell them all to get off their duffs. If I can get up early, they can do so also.
I thank you
Google... Fernan's Shorthorn Farm Life.... and judge for yourselves?
Explicit? Livestock farms are naturally explicit!
2nd entry same morning
Blockers for the bigg'en's also. (grin)
Herr Clink's checked into Hurley horsepidal, Flint, Michigan.
Waiting is agonizing, anxious, my BP up and my lightening spikes are back. (curses)
Supposed to have word about 11:00 AM.
This dear's waiting is harder than any other.
Even later I made another contribution once I had remembered the Home I-net addy.
....I finally remembered how to get here.
Just talked to Clink's surgeon a few moments ago. Frieda came through the surgery without any complications. Doc expects her to go home Friday. She'll like that. Meanwhile I'm gonna wait awhile and let her know I'm around before she falls off into a deeper snooze. She'll call it only a nap.
ME, however, I only get two days peace this time.
Hope this makes her happy. she wants to be painlessly on both her limbs for our thrifyest anniversary for at least one slow dance.
PS: I'll tell her you all wished her the best.
Got to add.....
...before I re-membered how to get home I writ a post of despair in the old KL wilder-ness.
Getting closer to home I free better already.
Oh boy! I’ve already forgotten her room number? But, I know the trail. Trying to remember it may be room 617 in the physical therapy ward?
She was doing well when I left. What pain she had was relieved with a ice pack on her knee. I figure she’ll sleep a good deal from 3:00 PM onto morning. Coming home I did no more than what I had to do, unloading a fe groceries, milk for sure, belatedly took care of chores, took an hour for a late late-lunch, unloaded Bro’s truck, swapped van for ugly returned home again. Searched for uncommon actuator parts. I by late afternoon’s diminishing took my rattlers late even stooped to languishingly supper upon a rarer rich delicacy otherwise denied me upon so many of my requests, all to often. I shamelessly devoured WHOLE [i] can of butter beans [/i] ALL [i] by myself [/i]. Ah, such is a reward bachelor-ing the good life every now’n’then. I hope they are bad for me, they sure were good. Shorthorn country has never ever seen me as tired as this in the past. BGKC.
Fernan [/b]

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