Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Pressures

This day’s pressure’s (morning’s thoughts)
Slept like a log. Still have headache. Switched pain medication morning last. It helped take edge off. This third medication try should be of some help for headache pressures over next two/three days. Have got to call doc asking MRA and blood test results are back, pressure Doc.
Rain pressure leaning on me(us). Pressure’s on to get seeder fix at first light and finish field planting and cultipacking before evening. At this moment hoping this don’t take me into tractor driving after dark.
I slept so soundly I let the fire go out. And, ol’dragon breath has been no help. (smiles)
Out early again had to run for a 1/8” allen socket for on allen screw’s loosening. The 17 minute job only took two hours three minutes.
I managed to finish seeding the field just in time for some sprinkles. Running out of time Bro’ took to using the drag to set in the seed. We hadn’t time for the preferred cultipacker. The 2150 Ollie plus did the job three times as quickly as the Ford and cultipacker would have. Field done the thought of it left behind for the moment it started teasing rain when I pulled into my home yard. Headache pain medication was only a few steps away. Sitting it out inside my nice warm little house I called Doc’s office looking for some inspirational help. Talked to Stef. She said all my test results were back with nothing found wrong. Doc’ll see me Monday AM or PM, my choice. Meanly while, my mind has been little settled for an answer to this throb throbbing headache. So I ate another lunch. Another lunch? This activity certainly isn’t going to do much for my keeping a boyish figure. I’d guess it was time to go do chores. And put Herd Seeder inside under cover and feed the ladies. On my way to temporarily park the remaining seed I come on Handy walking the road in the rain. He’d walked to neighbor’s for a ride, his phone out. I picked him up. Dropping the wagon putting seeder in shop We were on our way. I needed a few things anyway and needed excuse to go the crossroads. Handy’s meds were that excuse.
Without a shopping list I managed to remember a whole lot of the things Her Mostess had said we needed. Handy taken care of, home at last, ladies fed, settled in, I got called for not bringing somebody else’s coffee home…., “You could have called me!” she had said. Balls, I can’t remember everything. I’m pooped! BGKC.

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