Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yesterday’s little happenings. I even took notes and misplaced them even too. Just goes to show, I always know what I’m doing even if I’m missing the action. (opossum eating grin here grin) The hostile waiting room was a gas. A pleasant enough place to sit and/or mosey around. Plenty of room for pacers without noticeable traffic jambs. It had plenty of airy windows to look out of, only we were on the forth floor surgical deck,; although, it were a mite low for looking out sitting down. So it was a standing back situation with just as odd looking over an assortment of people sitting in chairs under those windows to look beyond to see outside the Fall’s multi colored changes possessed in the communities tree tops gloriously covered the city‘s landscape.
The room itself was much longer than narrow. The windows looking out on the north side there was an unseen hall running unseen along the outside south wall’s length. Inside that principle wall were centrally located rest rooms, A toy filled play room for children (it wasn’t easy staying out of there, a small conciliation room I saw no one use, and the pink Ladies station (volunteers) at one end. Jutting out from the walls between the north side windows were some cabineted peninsulas of top boxed planters filled either ith either real or rubber plants. I didn’t investigate further nor cared which?
While waiting interested party’s were supposed to keep the pink ladies informed of our individual whereabouts complete with a ridiculously fashioned pager that neither fit a hand nor pocket. But; it were their game. There was a couple computer stations it seemed somebody was always playing solitaire on. When one was seriously used, checking the other, a game players was always willing to give up their game for a legitimate use. Gotta, Bless their pea picking hearts. It were at these times I managed to slip a note unto the E-net every now and then to the acceptable places I could remember.
The room so big…err…long, the pagers so slow to activate every once in awhile a gray lady’d come walking through the room paging some one, working harder and longer at it a neared eared oldster. (my watching this activity, seems, oldster’s are harder of hearing). The oldsters just handily mentioned could always be found, but not unlike myself any one of us could hide (behind a column, under the peninsular-ed planted plants, or behind a magazine or paper) but none of us could run. For the rest of the oldsters; excluding myself of-course, when one of them pagers went off; what I saw were happy men that a tickle me now Elmo pager going off in a pants pocket. Women? Their pagers were always unattainably buried in a traveling hand bag.
My highlight of the whole waiting room experience was happening upon another livestock farmer. Our waiting times was the most quickly passed time our exchanging ideas and information what wasn’t in the books. He was a genuinely bearded brother country gentleman after my own heart.
While it were a waiting day I had broken my night’s fast tin the hostile cafeteria. The whole wheat toast selection went well with the phony eggo’s and indescribable sausages. Wasn’t bad eating having involved stretching my imagination. Funny, food there had always tasted better upstairs rather than facing it head on in person on the ground floor level cafeteria . Yuk, yuk, yuk!
The morning included one interruption after another including my trying to push one of my own in the way of a properly keeping a Loopymom promised ride to the horsepistol.
It started with Ugly needing gasoline, a backtracking to but the bite on a Loopymom for a ride into Flint and back. I’d made a hasty withdrawal from Aunty-M. Hasty because I didn’t want to think on how quickly our money disappears these days. I filled Ugly’s gas tank and stopped by the dinner. From there went to shop and gat caught having to take time to fix fence. That’s always fun, never knowing where the short’ll be found.
A ride back after my taking Ugly home I could finally move a fueled Ollie and baler down the road. Knowing I had a ride waiting I still shamefully tried to roll one last bale along my way home. I made something like twenty feet ove a windrow and had plugged the baler. Shirt fire! That was the end of that, besides Loopy had gotten me on the cell, making my guilt even greater. I took plugged machine home riding Ugly back to Loopy Acres.
The ride into Flint was much more comfortable without myself behind the wheel. I hope the rest rides along with me through all my Friday’s three required stops. Hmm, maybe I can put the bite on Chip? I’ll see? Cardiologist appointment, a pickup stop at Best Buy midway between the Doc stop and Frieda’s hospitable get-a-way. I hate waisting Flint City trips. The more I can timely make cheapens all the stops.
Depending how I look at it, ,its been a simultaneously good and bad day. I woke up warm without Clink’s dragon breath keeping the empty house warm. I managed darn few the tasks I wanted to. It rained me off hay baling. In the afternoon rain I unplugged the baler for it’s next use. I was rained out of picking up bulk wheat seed. Worst of all I was plagued with an all day headache continuance with but a few bouts of repeated painful lightening spikes. I don’t what to take for the pain anymore. It’s likely the bulk of my headache pain is the rainy low pressure weather system doing’s hanging over all my neighbors heads.
Lastly, even under rainy skies Shorthorn country’s fall colors are absolutely vivid as in utterly gorgeous. Ah ha, I’ve finally gotten the wood heating stove making me heat, even without Clinks fire starting dragon’s breath. (I’m smiling now. And this’ll come to an end when Her Mostess is once again looking over my shoulder.) (smiles) I’ve one more day of peaceful bliss. It’s sure going to be great having her home agin where she belongs. (Oh, hush my mouth!) For supper I had spaghetti and meat balls, steamed mixed vegetables, and garlic bread. Tasting good, it couldn’t have been good for me? BGKC.

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