Monday, October 27, 2008

Most important…..

……Best thing I did today was see my family Doctor. He checked out my nose throat and ears. He had his girls take my BP more than once too: taken lying down, sitting and standing. My PB is to low. He then went through my charts and my medicine box that I had smartly taken with me. Looking at this’n’that and one-thing’n’another, he’d said, “OMG! You’re suffering a drug over dosing.” He immediately took away two medication telling me to save one and never to take the other again. He’d cut the dosage of another medication in half. My asking, “How long before I may expect to start feeling right again?” He told me some more, “It’ll at least take a week before you feel better. Meanwhile, I want you calling me every three days telling me how you feel. I’ll be making some more adjustments then, We can’t do it all at once.”
Damn, I got so much to do around here. Weather’s supposed to improve raising temperatures. I’ve got baler to fix, parts to paint, hay to mow and bale. I’ve fed my ladies already, I haven’t finished mailing things, I need to get Tuesday’s trash out, and fuel a couple tractors. What I want to know is, “How do all these little tasks pile up?” And I see Chip’s out back cutting more wood. Chip figures they’re still a couple hundred more ash trees dead or dying out there. What a shame, such beautiful trees. Bright side, they’re are a number of American elms coming up. Seems the Dutch Elm disease hasn’t gotten them all, just as I know where there’s still one healthy looking Ash tree standing between Bro’s and Chip’s homes; plus, there’s remark an remarkable Elm of good size hanging in there in Bro’s yard. Miracles still happen if we just take the time to look around us for them.
On rodent control
Easiest way to keep mice out of the house are mothballs. Late Summer/early Fall, about the time you're closing your windows anyway, spread a couple three boxes mothballs (even come pine scented) along the foundation walls. Frieda says 4" apart. They keep the mice out and no cats are second hand poisoned. And I know every year these 150 ye old stone and foundation walls still have unprotected some holes in them I haven't found. I know no mouse is crossing those moth balls, I smell, to chew nor mess in my house.
Before lunch I fed the ladies so’s they’d be off my back until morning. Came in heated up lunch. I gave Frieda another shot still unable to get even one moo out of her again this day. She can be a stubborn one. After lunch I got our trash out. Five big bags full this week. Finished posting our mail. Then put in four or five lively hours passing my afternoon away sitting on my arse. BGKC.
*An answer to someone's question worth saving.


Paula said...

Wow I'm glad the doctor has your meds all figured out now. That happened to my mom one time. She was in the hospitlal and kicked their machine over on purpose. She wasn't herself with taking too much medicine that didn't mix well. I didn't know that about moth balls and didn't know they come in pine. Thanks.

Alice said...

Sure hope the change of medication does the trick for you. I can't stand to smell moth balls myself so I doubt even a mouse could :)...alice

Donna said...

Hmm, I believe Dr. Donna mentioned in your comments that it might be your meds. "Rattlers: can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em".

I won't charge for the advice this time. hehe.

Kelly said...

Hi Fern. Its been almost a week since I have been online to stop in and say hello. I see you have been having med troubles. Lets hope things are all straight now. Got to go down and read up on what you have been into or up to past week. Love, Kelly