Sunday, October 19, 2008

10-18-o8 Some I-net funs

In answer to hunting season recipes.
I used to be nervous and jerky, but I'm not nervous anymore, anymore, anymore......
Over the earlier years, I used to strip the ribs and shanks on all my larger big game kills for jerky. Could never make enough that'd last. Stuff mysteriously disappeared like candy along with School Boy Apples when the children came in from school. Those were our happy days pain free child rearing entertaining experiences..... What lasted for only thirty years.
My answering a projected image offered up by a smart alec cyber friend…..his picturing mine frau in the cattle chute’s head gate for my administered antibiotic shot (medication). (smiles)
Just self examining da "ole coot's mind"
Oh Lawd.....
The head gate image hadn't entered my mind.................yet.
Oh Lawd, grant me mercy.....
....from Her Mostess. The image, I've smarts enough, I'll keep to myself.
Posting a message for a mutual friend to at least one board, I wrote the following:
There are Mermaids in Chesapeake Bay?
[b]Alias is alive and well.
Have had a most pleasant exchange with (our missing in action) Alias. Not only has he been gone fishing (I didn’t ask how far gone?) he’s been without his overly high priced ultra poor cable service for days and days. I suspect he’ll be back ribbing some of us any day since they’ve gone to Direct-TV. In spite of a few losses under cloudy skies this direct service has proved itself more dependable than their discontinued cable.
After talking to George, I’m thinking of looking into Direct-TV myself, price wise. There’s some on the net who’d gladly accept a day off from me anyway. I know, every now and then I need a day off from myself.
Anyway, getting back to the real tone of this message, George and Nancy are in good health despite a few days making faces and scowling at each other.
Here’s my hoping he comes back real soon. I had only just titched on his mermaid fishing experiences.
Fernan [/b]

In answer to the question, “Do you have wind farms in your state?”
[b]I know of at least one wind farm in Michigan's thumb area. It was poorly planed to begin with.
Promises had been made to local home owners in the area the wind farms would scarcely be noticed. Some households are complaining about the propellers shadows passing over their homes (windows) causing some emotional and physiological problems among some household members.
Another problem in the beginning, when the wind mills were up and running there wasn't in place high line feed heavy enough to transmit the generated electrical energy.
There's been little word (as with most news sensationalism) about whether these (rumored maybe) problems have been addressed and corrected.
I know I wouldn't like an insistent shadow passing over my windows.
Now! Would somebody like me to close with something else liking, “Have a nice day.”

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