Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I ain’t gonna dig up my family to join in the festivities liken they may do in central America, but I’ll remember them as they were a longer time ago. (grin)
aWoke this morning right on time, sorted rattlers, headache hit me, forgit to take rattlers. Getting around to rattlers breakfast will be half hour later. 6:30 AM BP 140/89 PR 52. Lower number seems a wee bit high. Pulse low, I’m appearing relaxed. I’m using new digital Blood Pressure (BP) machine. It’s a sensitive little bugger (machine), daren’t sneeze, cough, nor blink an eye or machine goes out for fresh air. Temperamental little squeezer!
When the headache comes back now (if I haven’t already mentioned it) it brings with it baggage my whole face aching. Only cause I can think of, the cheek bones and jaws hinges are sympathetically joining in this noggin hurting business caused maybe by the likes of all the grimaced faces I’ve made under the temple’s pain spikes. I could likely give Frankenstein a run for the screwed up face looks tonight if it could be guaranteed I could walk straight enough line between “trick or treat” door knockers. GD it, the strikes are hitting both me temples this morning. Oh, shit, later? 7:40 AM here….out.
9:50 AM BP 139/83 PR 41 after quietly sitting eating rolled oats.
Hey Zeus “H” crispy crackers! I can’t remember what I started first the morning with. I know somewhere during the day I managed to start raking yesterday‘s cut hay this morning, mowed the rest of that same field this afternoon , baled what I had raked earlier this day’s late-afternoon, and then hauled in the bales this evening.
Spent an hour this evening machining (rethreading) a metric threaded mechanical arbor adapter into an ASE fine threaded arbor adapter. That was fun overdoing the writing the last sentence. “;^D
Haven’t heard any news one way or the other about young lady having rolled her car over. For now, “No news is good news.”
Finished supper a little bit ago. Now I’ve got to fast likely till tomorrow’s lunch time. No tidbits, no breakfast food until after my sugar tolerance test tomorrow morning. What a drag, I already miss my evening snacks. Kibbles and Bits with a fresh cow's milk chaser. BGKC.

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