Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I saw the dawn…

…..early out this AM, I assumingly saw the sun come-up, theoretically. Gray skies covering the landscapes, there was no increasing the bright yellow line to the east followed by the big yellow ball of fire‘s lofty station crossing our day‘s skies. It turned into a beautiful day.
The early morning occasion? All parties concerned over the blind heifer’s future finally agreed to letting her last act be that of filling the freezer. It totally be unkind to make her a cow kept in a boxed captivity to bear and nurse a calf. This was a more fitting and human end to her indignity on this earth. I know the younger troops regardless their promises her final care would eventually befall me. Concerted care for wouldn’t be fair to the keeping the rest of the herd. Good Bye sweet baby, may thee see green cow pastures in your heaven’s sent.
I spent my morning slowly hoping on and off the Ford tractor loading the wood-hauler trailer with field stones. Why for was I picking roks, it may be asked? When I seed this field the cult packer seeder won’t push the larger stones down. Those stone press down they less likely become entangled with either mowing machine next spring when time comes to making wheat grass hay. Turned into haylage it’ll be cut and wrapped to be feed out last for next winter’s feed. Why last? For some unknown reason wheat grass fed to animals causes them to loose their winter furs….. Thus feeding wheat hay is a very timely undertaking, what must be fed out before the first of August.
This afternoon I dared roll two bales hay for the ladies. Still more hay to bale I stopped while I figured I was ahead. Hopefully this cutting will dry enough for easier baling even for haylage. I’ll sure not dry enough for dry balling anymore this year.
On the painful fronts we both had our times. Frieda complained so of leg pain she was near ready to have me transport her to hospiyal. Luckily for us her Nurse had a premonition coming by telling her Mostess to get off her feet and to use the walker to ease the weight leaned on that leg. She’s been doing better during this same afternoon.
As for me, I doubled up to the limit my pain meds as long as I wasn’t seeing anybody medical today. Plus I plainly toughed it out with the over cast skies easing off towards the east.
Last thing today, I’d tried filling the house with firewood. I finished that task with the last of the evening’s twilight. The Cushman I put away with it’s headlights saving any embarrassing bumper pool shots off the machine’s physical being in side the barn. BGKC.

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