Thursday, October 16, 2008

I’m Sick of Google

I’m sick and tired of fighting the continual up hill battle with Google over an account I supposedly already have. Having said account I’m denied use my name I’m already using. My established password is continually wrong. Consequently Google’s continually making sure I’m continually pissed off.
And, what pisses me off, really? I’m denied talking to my cyber friends who also use Google accounts. This being the way it’s going to be by Google, I ain’t fighting it. I’ve already raised Hell with Google and they don’t seem to care whether their service works equally for everyone or not. Obviously they don’t care to fix it.
Sorry folks. I’ve got more important things to do other than trying to chase after Google to fix anything again. If they’d rather I’ll tell anyone who wants to listen? They’re not as friendly what they seem.


Donna said...

I'm sorry you're having trouble. Sure wish I was a mile away from you, I'm sure I could help you if I could sit at your computer.

Paula said...

So sorry you're having so much trouble. I know how frustrating is it. I was ready to give up too. Finally I got up at four one morning and changed every pass word I own including AOL then things started working. Still not sure what I did. lol

Kelly said...

Step away and take a deep breath. I was just about to give up too. I just took a day here and there and did one thing at at time. I do know what your talking about. I tried to get into my Google account this morning as I wanted to look at something on Freecycle and it kept telling me I was wrong, then finally, poof, it let me in one of the times. Don't know what was up with that. Now don't go disappearing. Just take a day off here and there. I don't want to lose you! Love, Kelly