Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stuff Done

I had an all night blissful sleep. Waking up as usual I feared for the worst, and “Yup!”, when I set up here it come again. I moved real slow, got out of the house and down the road okay. On arrival the shop Bro’ nowhere to be seen I headed over the Crossroads and wound-up coffee clutching listening participating in the usual contended ideas of the current political climate.
Topics today, vote yes to, “Banning stem cell research in Michigan.” Plus, vote no to, “Legalize medical marijuana in Michigan.” Me...? I’m all in favor of stem cell research in Michigan! At present if any our colleges want any stem cell research the answers for such research have to come back from California’s own legalized research. I’m also in favor of legalizing prescribed medical marijuana if it helps a patient who’s no other options left in finding pain relief. …..I’ve no such pitiful ideas for myself. I’ve got to much clear minded living left to do without the unpredictable comings and goings from any marijuana influences cascading through MY personal system.
Getting onto more important maters I fueled a couple cans to fuel the Ollie gasser later and got home in time to assist my Frieda’s wash/waxing (skipping the wax) and dressing before Chip’s arrival to drive us into Flint. Wow! Frieda and I were pleasantly impressed with his pick’em-up-truck. One ultra quiet fine easy riding extended cab ½ ton 4X4. Conversation could be made and heard from each and every seat in that Cadillac behavioral mode of transportation. I like that pickup truck so much, even though he’s half my age, I’d let him adopt me and leave that fine vehicle to me in his will.
Things went smoothly at the doctors offices. Both surgeons were pleased with Frieda’s recoveries healing and ranges of motion all her joint implants. Our arrival on time, we were hustled right in, x-rays taken, the doc’s examinations, and a tech’s removal of Frieda’s fence staples. Opps, just staples. I had to fix a fence last thing this evening.
On the way home Chip made two shopping pit stops for me within the same country mall. Here I started getting into trouble trying to hurry myself along so to keep Frieda and Chip’s waiting for me to a minimum. Moving to fast I brought my old headache back upon myself. Got so bad when I had to fill Frieda’s last shopping list order, I knew I had to look for Benidrill and my mind and eyes got stuck looking at top shelf row of Preparation-H boxed products. Thankfully a store’s young lady came along and assisted me; Or, I might never have gotten out of that store? My second stop was right down the same mall’s fronting walk where I picked up those items selling for upwards to 40% off the supermarket’s prices. By the time I got back into Chip's wheels I was feeling like a thirty year old cross-eyed bull long over due for greener flower ladened pastures.
Getting home well past lunch, we ate heartily. By the time my head had come under some seeing straight management, a couple hours. I did my chores and fixed that cussed fence I had mentioned earlier. For supper, Frieda allowed me one scoop cherry ice-cream. That’s not very many cherries……. BGKC.
Now for a “Believe It Or Not?”
Getting Frieda where she had to be was easy enough and wanting to show my appreciation for her mettle standing up to all her pain the last few weeks and months I thought she deserved some kind of a reward.
JCPenney’s only a couple city blocks way from her Doctor appointments I managed to talk Skip into taking me over to the Valley Mall on Miller Road. Once there I made-up an excuse I just needed a few minutes to pick up a couple tools for the shop. The two of them swallowing my excuse I went inside and headed I knew not where. An information counter was handily just inside my stepping up to it asking for some gift ideas. I’m telling you, business has got to be so bad that information lady ordered me up my own personal associate clerk just to assist me. There was some whispering between the lady directed toward the young lady, before the young lady suggested I follow her. That wasn’t hard to do, what that swing and sway I hadn’t seen at home for a while wasn‘t hard to either follow or keep an eye on.
We stopped by a perfume counter where the clerk showed me a real nice three bottle set really nice perfumes costing $159.00. "Whoa! That's a lot of money," I moaned. "Maybe something that's just a little bit less nice?" So, from the other side her island, she showed me a four miniature bottled set cologne costing $79.00. "That's still too much fancy money," he complained. "Can’t you show me something really cheap?" So my personal guide took me further into the store, up the escalator, a short walk into an area of home accessories. Here she whisper into another associate’s ear, and this associate showed me a plainly unframed $9.98 mirror! And said, “This has got to be the cheapest thing you’ll ever see!”
Who? Me?


Paula said...

Well did you buy it? I'm so glad Frieda is doing well. Sure hope you get to feeling better too.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Fern, that is just too funny about the trip to Penney's.