Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10-6-o8 Before dawn
An extra early start on the Shorthorn country spread. Damned if it weren’t near pitch black out this morning for sight unseeing cattle round-up. So dark it was even non-moon-able starless over head. It was almost eerie if it weren’t for some fun-non-mobile white starts oddly accompanied by two red stars tailing below. I saw these celestiable oddities to the southeast, about do west, and some more to the northwest; all of them to me near close enough I could go and stand under them. But alas there was no time for fantasy. I had forgotten all about taking a flashlight with me and finding cows in the dark was most daunting particularly keeping my footing amongst so many what were unseen cow deposited slippery land mines. But enough of my predawn adventures. It time to look towards the more impotent aspects of contrary life. Saylavee!
Ohhhhh! Checking on my new blogg site, it’s still there. Wonder of wonders. And more importantly…..
I Thank You Ladies, one and all. You’ve made me feel so welcome, even, in my own digs. Lawd! If I ever catch-up. I promise I shall pay more attention to each and every one of you. For now, before I start making improvements, putting up wallpaper and adding more of the personal amenities of life, I shall take it easy for a few days and bask in all your glowing praises. AND, above all, I thank each of you for your support. I warms an old man’s heart for sure.
Oh, one more temporary thing….its Fall haying season and the rush is on, for wit I’m not sure whether this another start or just a continuation of my lack of side time. Oh me/oh my!
My Coney Island Dinner visit included seeing one of my favorite waitresses.
Shortly after lunch the immediate family took up offence to my headache and three hour nap, demanding I have it checked out. To keep piece in the family I relented and was taken for a ride. Nine hours later I was abandoned and left in the hands of more than a half dozen women. Oh! How I’m subjected to suffering. End part one…….


Alice said...

Hope all those ladies help make you feel better :)......alice

Donna said...

Oh, you're doing a two- or three-part story too!

Sounds a bit scary to me. I'll be waiting for the next installment.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Hi Fern, glad to see you are making your way around here ok! Even getting pictures in!

loopymamain06 said...

I hope yer talkin' bovines & not nurses.......i know how you are!