Sunday, October 19, 2008

10-18-o8 Getting normal

One of the 1st things……
We've been dealing with to many issues in our house to fully worry about voting. Now that Frieda's home and I'm seemingly taking a few days off medically speaking we'll be opening our absent minded ballets and take first look at them in a day or two.
Candidate info so scarce on some local yokels we're going to consult 'puter for some local candidates backgrounds. This'll be a 'puter assisted educating voting 1st for us.
When we've finished punch card chading I suspect I might be seen panhandling for the return postage.
I've managed to get a couple people registered. Now have to see to it they vote.
Now I'm asking ALL my neighbors for their vote. Our country needs everybody's vote.
On the home and farm front, I inherited most of the farm chores in Bro’s production sale’s absence. ‘Twas alright, a little extra communion with the animals has never hurt anyone.
I ground the grain what need be ground. Used some more the Alpaca supplements fortifying the grind corn.
Frieda’s nurse came Saturday bringing with her a home made cake for Frieda. Was yummy upside down pineapple cake. Was good, made right with lots of egg white for cake and frosting.
I’m thinking if I can get on the sweet side this nurse, maybe I can get her to make me a dark double Dutch chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting. Well, I can lecherously imagine the idear….can’t I?
Sheesh! Chip’s brought me another pickup load of cut and splite fire wood, oak this time. Should be seasoned by next years heating season or economical use.
Then Chip wanted the use of the Ford tractor. Only I wanted to take the bush hog off it first sitting it on some steel rims for an easy hookup next Spring. Three things went wrong. The Ford refused to start(1), I got my headache back(2) and deferred to raking and mowing hay until the headache had at least passed.
The hay raked and hay mowed, my headache having eased, getting back to the Ford I had to close the ignition points a smidgen so they’d make an opening spark. The tractor running I set about sitting the disconnected brush-hog on the aforementioned steel rims. The last pin undone, the mower slid off the rims anyway(3). Balderdash!
The Ford tractor readied to go, there’s no Chip around anymore. (arrggghhhh!)
Looking towards supper, I took my evening meds. Then went out and baled the earlier raked hay and fed it out to the ladies. Delivering it I was near mobbed. They like that stuff more than I, what with all the trouble I’ve had these days as hard as it has been this last week to have finally gotten it baled and fed. Oh well, such is a farmer’s lot now’n’then, even in Shorthorn country. BGKC.


loopymamain06 said...

And just how is our lovely frieda doing on this brisk sunday morning?

Kelly said...

Wow that is some nurse that brings cake on her check up visit! She must be really special. :) Give Frieda a hug and a kiss for me. Love, Kelly