Saturday, October 25, 2008

Squaw Winter

Weather guessers tending to agree next four days forecasts include rain, wind, rain, sticky snow and snow flurries. These conditions shall bring down our Autumn color. Then we's supposed to see a nicely warmer Indian Summer.
Sure could use a few warm days to paint some JD parts.
Maybe I'll be seeing some of you through the smoke of burning leaves in a couple drier days.
(Not mine. I compost. Even have a couple city cousins spreading their leaves on our fields for humus‘s addition.)
In answer to burning question…..
"Who talks the most?"
It seams the female of any species manages to get in the last word. That's the way I've seen it in my happy home or happy pasture, and when it's one or all's talking to me pasturely, collectively them's ladies talk the most my sensitive ears have ever herd!
While marketing having given Handy a lift last night, I’ve thought about the prices I had paid last night. Chocolate covered coconut Mounds bars gone up a buck/12oz bag, milk had come down about two bits/gallon in price, cat food had gone up a whole $2.40/18 pound bag in one week , while Tylenol had remained the same at last month‘s price. The way prices continue to climb and bounce around on the essentials I’m wondering if I had not better look for more inexpensive late evening snacks to go with my milk?
What would you suggest?
A friend of mine had a school problem child. The kid’s also on medication I suspect is to calm him down for hypertension (or whatever it’s called?), maybe for attention deficit disorder, or being hyper active. All of these most likely solved with letting the child out into fresh air and exercising (play) the devil out of him (or her).
The kids school and/or home work rewards him with either “A’s” or “F’s” indicating to me the child is bored silly and resentful doing work unchallenging in his mind. He blows up at his teachers disrupting the classes refusing to do this school work “Crap” as he calls it. Then he gets detention for disrespect his teachers and failure to turn in his home work. Which all this seems ridiculous to me.
I suspect this child has an extremely high IQ-ed kid. He should be tested for an IQ fact of the matter. And placed in classes more challenging to his mind. I’ve suggested to the parent to go to school and try making some deals with the boy’s teachers. Try establishing rewards for his good works. Library passes maybe. Perhaps participation in an extracurricular activity. I neglected to add maybe the child could stand seeing a school councilor. A student advocate on his (the child’s) side.
My middle daughter who I’ve written of supposedly knowing Jennifer Grandholm (Mi gov) Whenever she had a problem in school she’d just get up, walk to the school office, tell them she had an appointment with Mr. McNeal, was shown into his office unquestioned, and was soon joined by the big fellow. This was a deal Mr. McNeal had with the superintendent of schools, the school principles and teachers. Any child asking for him was un-hindered in any way. He saw everybody who had ever asked to see him. He was FANTASTIC. He headed off more problems, solved more problems, and stood between any student and the educated establishment. He was his own disciple to all the children. I don’t know all what education he had? He must have had some; school teacher, school councilor, pastor of our local Methodist Church. All this had to have been filled with some good doses of child physiology 101. Oh, He had a house filled with children his own. He was a good commonsense man.
Stopped to read son Far’s blogg, if he’d written anything since last week. He too is having his problems with Google and a new blogg site.
If it helps any Far, your present site wouldn’t let me leave a response. So, hang in there. Google may straighten up your site all on their own for you.
I got so mad one evening I stuck with it until I found their grip site. I wrote my discouragements piece and within 24 hours they had helped me reenter all my pertinent information. It still took me a few days to work my way through the maze. Be comforted, you are not alone. While I may not have saved all my old words to the new site, I’ve managed to save everything I’ve written since 2004 on cd’s.
Thing’s will look up.
I hope you went to doctor recommended bone cracker.
Dad (who’s been there, done that) knows all the feelings and pain.
I put in some big hours at the shop. About 15 minutes tot-total taking off a second (way to sloppy) drive chain needing a whole couple links taken out. The fix I’ll either be a half link and the master link OR just the master link. I’ll see next time I get to belly up to the fix tomorrow or the next day.
Happily Bro’ took me away from all this high tech fixing things and we went tool shopping. No longer having to explain my tool purchases with Her Mostess, I could let my testosterone run wild. The main jist of the tool trip was seeking an air operated 4” hand grinder. Disappointed in it at first when we got to the other side of the Harbor Freight mercantile we found all the necessary grinding, cut off, standard wire and wire cup wheels, plus the adapters for various attachments to make the tool much more versatile. We made a purchase and bought a whole lot more: a couple hose valves, some screwdriver bits for power drills, a siphon pump for emptying various tanks, in general stuff we use for if we had it, and a couple gravity wagon tarps. We easily blew a “C” note. Getting back I was blessed with chores both ends of the road.
My ladies are a bit put-out with me. I had given them some second cutting alfalfa hay going some years old I had purchased out of a barn a couple years ago. I figured I might better give it to them while the givened still had some good in it. What’s bothering them is the crust what needs taken off. They get through that the heart’ll be good eating.
Ho boy, I need’s me some supper. Bean soup tonight. It was hot. This mama don't cook cold. BGKC.

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