Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sun’s shinning

Sun’s shinning some is more like it.
Temps down in the low twenty’s have near trickily given the landscape a looking of snowed on in the predawn’s light.
I slept 11 hours last night. Took Frieda half the night to settle into a good sleep.
Running late for myself, it’s going to take me longer to put a leash on my headache.
A sign of the times. I seem to be hearing more and more folks tightening their fuel usage belts. I’m hearing chainsaws coming to my ears from in every direction in whatever field I may happen to take a work break. And this is also week days.
Divorce rates are going up since so many family incomes have flown out so many windows. It was during a couple trying times our union strengthened. Could be we started out with a much better foundation than some. We joined hands knowing there could be, would be, days like these.
Oh Pleasing Tan Lines
My monthly PB issue has finally arrived six days latter than the usual. Has the pony express started hiring part time help during these trying times?
Sitting upon the edge of my bed this AM, my head reminded me it was still with me. Getting up, facing the day, I’ve been slow motion personified all day. Any sudden movements flashed returning miserable pains through my head. In no hurry to do anything I managed to help Bro’ ove a concrete feed bunk. I wish it were set where it’d do the most good rather than beside the driveway. Took apart and replaced a tire for use on the Brillion seeder. That was fun. An more than enough time had passed I was ready for lunch.
I raked the last of the mowed hay this afternoon and baled it. There was thoughts one of might mow some more. That idea was quickly set aside with the mention of four days rain starting day after tomorrow.
I’m about to wish Squaw Winter would get here and over with so’s I(we) can enjoy a couple nice weeks of Indian Summer. It’s my wish and I can wish it as I like! So there!
Handy’s filled me a couple super large tubs with kindling wood. These are pieces left over from his handcrafted planter chairs and benches, and bird houses. Saves me whacking up kindling down in the barn until the snow flies.

I can and often do thoroughly enjoy the snooty stuck up places. I've shared a many a test in communicative skills with an enterprise's manager over how I've been ill treated.
These forays into dealing with an ill mannered clerk or waiter person may well stem from my having failed changing my going to town fedora. Well, maybe my entire Shorthorn country comfortable wardrobe. I’ve often been seen dressed under a floppy hat in my slightly crease greased bib overalls, rolled up flannel shirt sleeves, white socks, offal polished-urine rinsed barnyard leather boots.
The better, nicer the waiter/waitress the bigger the rewarded tip. The better I’ve been taken care of at an equipment dealer’s, the more apt I return.
I‘s got to be forgiven this one! (Halleluiah! The stucky-up our spit don’t shrink bass-turds only waiting upon the well-heeled customers first. Town-line equipment has gone out of bussyness. LMAO Couldn‘t have happened to a greedier bunch of jerks. I had mentioned my feeling a first time. After the second going back encounter I never went back again. Fishing for millions they had let the bread and butter nickels and dimes slip through their dollar grubbing mitts.)
Genuine hardware stores not fussy expect to see any my neighbors as well dressed as myself, even if the super store has it I support my loco hardware store first. It’s good business (inclusive parts and service).
A one time shunned appliance store visitation upon my part going badly I exchanged some proper customer-clerk conduct ideals with the store manager. The next time I walked in, either my picture had been put up on their restroom walls or they were hurting for customers to serve, I was near trampled by three clerks. It’s been that way ever since including Joe Customer’s entrance either before or after me. This store has become one of my favorites.
I don’t think a person’s apparel should be considered an indication an individual’s character or wealth. When I leave the farms on occasion the trips may not be planned (say for an instant parts run), and circumstances may see me making more stops then originally planned. It’s well mannered personal what bring well pleased good time professing customers back. I like to think I’m welcomed and wanted back. I’m oddly funny that way.
And did I finish the baling? Shucks no. The cussed baler threw a drive chain making me work on baler on into the twilight time and still not finished. Humph, I had just enough twilight home to finish my chores. Oh, how I like my early evenings. (Grin) Shucks, I’ve still got to wait an hour for supper. Oh woe is my hungry tummy. BGKC.

PS: Frieda’s hurting but healing, crabbing and bitching through the whole process. It’s alright though, I wouldn’t have taken her for a life’s partner if I hadn’t enjoyed all her facets.


Paula said...

I know what you're trying to say here. You can't tell a book by it's cover as they say. Sometime you're working and just don't have time to change clothes. I had felt disgusted with my doctor's office. When I would walk up to sign in not one girl would say "hello" and there several. I didn't expect them to fall all over me but I thought I deserved a smile or a hello. My complaining must have got to the doctor as they are very friendly now and the main receptionest had been replaced. Sorry did mean to write a book.

loopymamain06 said...

thanks for the update on wifey.....tell her i said hello and to "hang in there"