Thursday, October 16, 2008

Getting easier

Another good night’s sleep. Somebody’s likely asking how that is with Her Mostess away in the hospital. The answers to this question is in our primary Doctor’s care and our continued association with Hurley Hospital. It’s mutual (between Frieda and I) when one of us is in the care of either these care givers we comfortably know the other is in good hands. Thus neither of us need worry about the other whatever the outcome, the care is always the best. I suppose the only way I can describe the feeling’s, “It’s like going home!” This parallels our union, “We’re each other’s rock!” for as long as we’re here.
Slept good last night, right on thru the PBS televised presidential debate, waking late again this AM. While yesterday was a near bust, today’s already (looking?) feeling better. I’m hosting only a slight headache over my eyes. The barometer’s rising, the Sun’s shinning, it’s already looking like a “do it all, do it right” gonna be an alright day.
I’ll be phoning the Mostess saving all my energy and resolve to take on the Flint city’s traffic tomorrow. Rat now I’m pre-hoping I can drive between all my appointments during the off peek (on the hour) traffic. Hope, hope, hope! ((you don't believe me. Check out (time) the traffic patterns for yourselves.))
Oh boy, I may have something to answer for. I haven’t yet old Frieda I’d sub let her Sweetheart’s mousing expertise to her brother-in-law Bro’. This could be just one more thing I’ll have to answer too when she’s come home.
He he he, the laundry’s caught up and I’ve likely gained weight.
In for a lonely lunch, the morning (or day) thus far has been going a “Bing, bing, bing!” As for the lunch? I think I had a chicken of the sea salad, and some broccoli I wasn’t sure I I’m allowed? Not knowing whether I could eat it or should have saved it for a mistletoe substitute? Shucks, I didn’t save it. I’m figuring if I done wrong somebody’ll straighten me out. (grin) Green, it was good while it lasted.
At last, someone in the hostile establishment has put Her Mostess’s phone close enough so’s she can now reach it. Seems I might better watch what I’m doing what with her recent updated capabilities to check on me. (smiles) Was good to hear from her. The smile in her voice was one I haven’t heard in a long time. It’s only the noon hour and they’ve had her up three times. Some talk they may spring her today yet. The physical therapists are well pleased with her limb’s range of motion. Personally, I’d like her to gain a wee bit more strength as she’ll have to walk in our two to-narrow entry doorways.
Taking a headache break. My light morning headache had turned into a real nagger by about 3:00 PM. I finished what had to be done in front of the shop by 4:00 PM so I could come home for a Tylenol three.
Earlier, I managed to pickup 3000 pounds wheat seed, drove it around the block for a weight slip, covered it, fixed floor in livestock trailer, and come home for that pain reliever before I go back out to bale more hay.
I’m hopping the nagging pain will ease up long enough letting me finish feeding the ladies chore’s before my settling in to rest up for tomorrow’s on the go activities. I know’s it’s gonna-be another busy-busy day.
Shorthorn country activities were easy enough on me today my taking them slow enough I never felt the throbbing sneak up on me. (I’d smile if I thought it wouldn’t crack my face) Ho-ho! Hmm, so glad I didn’t have to answer to any small children today as much as that activity pleases me.
For supper, I had two bowls some spicy mystery soup. Was good and welcomed fare after a full day absorbing Fall's fresh air.
Still early by my past performances I’ve plum run out of words to write. “May the Saint’s preserve us!” No word from baby daughter I wont see my honey tonight. She’ll understand, meanwhile, an early bed sure seems most inviting to me. BGKC.

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Kelly said...

It does sound like you had a pretty good day. I like days like that when things go good. I hope Frieda gets to come home soon, I know she misses you and misses being home. :) Love, Kelly