Friday, October 10, 2008

Back To Farmin’?

I’m going to write this entry as the day goes on. That’ll explain all the tents changes.
I laid down early evening last to sleep, to escape pain. Didn’t work. Rather than fuss with ‘puter I cruised the net a bit. That helped. Having little interest in getting involved anywhere it wasn’t long and I was bored silly tired over genuinely insignificant stuff. Then found myself drinking to much water and knowing where that’d lead me, but I did it anyway. To Hell with good sense. Surviving a five day lightening stabbing headache has got to be some kind of an accomplishment.
Another new day
A-woke feeling fair to good. Got about six hours sleep last night with only instant after effects from the last few days my jaw’s hinges have that tired throbbing achy feeling. And that was the first half hour before the lightening bolt pains started coming in again.
Me and my medications aren’t over the hump yet. It seems I’d forgotten to take my usual prescribed evening meds last night. I’m getting the subtle feeling to many doctors in one’s life can jeopardize it. I’m likely be thanking Frieda’s heavenly master when this all over should I survive coming out of this ordeal alive?
Why do I say this? Those damnable lightening pains have caught up with me again. Six hours horizontal and a mere half hour vertical is all the relief I’ve enjoyed these same afore mentioned hours. Seems I’m not over them yet. I be damned if I don’t want to kick somebody’s ass.
Up two hours.
To illustrate what tricks wrongful meds can play with a mind, I just now went out in the kitchen to fix me a cold Rollin’ Oats breakfast, I poured the milk in my bowl leaving no room for the cold cereal. Which goes first?
I showed Frieda what I did and she’s denying she’s laughing her ass off at me???
Curses!!!!! LOL myself.
Looking out my windows;
The hay the ladies had so grievously wanted is for the most part un-eatened. They near stampeded to get up here from out back making demands. Then when the got it, they went pack out on grass. Ever get the urge to put one of them in the freezer? And I’d serve them right.
Being a new day, my eyes imaginably uncrossed I’m reading the papers what came with these last medications. The one steroid antibiotic I don’t think it’ll give me a problem starting it (one a day) this noon. The other is repeatedly warning of drowsiness and promised sleep. I can’t have that. I’ve got to mount up this afternoon sure and mow hay!!!!!!
Picture this: I’m sitting here dipping my spoon into my bowl of milk adding more Oats as I’ve lapped up the room. GD (Gosh Darn), I’m still getting spiked, my beginning to wonder just which 24 hours that wrongful medication will wear off.
Doctor’s calls, five hours after rising:
First called Doc George’s office, report yesterday’s findings. He’s ahead of me. An order for an MRA (not MRI) is in the works. There’s no substitution allowed for last written pain prescription. I’m verbally ordered to take the barbiturate. If I become drowsy or sleepy, there’s no hay making today (period). My only slim pickens option is wait and see effects and use my common sense to judge what I may or may not handle??????
Called cardiologist’s office for next week’s appointment clarification. It had started out for next Wednesday, moved up to Tuesday (Frieda’s operation day) and then postponed (yesterday) until Friday. Thankfully I don’t have to be there all next week only Friday.
The afternoon has come and gone. Had supper and must wait two hours to take meds. Have stayed inside all day. Lightening pains still coming, less often, less severe, but just as menacing as they’ve been the last five days. Laying down o pain. Sitting up some slight discomforts. Just walking around the house brings on the heavy pouts.
Sure’d like to had a ride over to Mason’s lodge for a couple fish dinners. Hating to bother anyone any more than I have to I refrain until I really need one of them. Maybe I can make a mackerel of salmon loaf one of these days. I’m supposed to have fish twice a week. Looking like a ho-hum evening here. BGKC.


Donna said...

Wouldn't surprise me if some of those meds are causing the pain as a side-effect.

Rattlers: You can't live with them, and you can't live without them.

Paula said...

Darn its just no fun getting older, is it? Hope you feel better.