Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A day late

10-20-o8 Darn headache
My headache returned shortly after getting up. Looking about Frieda was up ahead of me peaceably going back to bed. Checking the weather I suspect the rain’s low pressure system was a contributing factor to my head’s discomfort. It got so bad I had tucked my head carefully where I wouldn’t loose it and drove it over to Doc’s office so’s he might look into it.
My BP taken, another EKG, blood drawn, heart and lungs listened to, my EKG read, my pulse was 47. Doc’s concern prompted him to get me a MRA today! Bless Vicky’s pretty hide, through determination she found me an opening. I had about an hour to get there. Doc’s wanting to make some adjustments in my medication. The MRA appointment at an almost-now situation he hurried me along. We’ll talk my meds another day Doc handing me back my head determining my immediate hurry.
The fence having to be fixed it were done in 15 minutes or less finding three shorts and a downed limb. That had to be some kind of a Shorthorn country record? Bro’ took me as he had to prepay a part order for the log splitters valve handle.
It’s absolutely ridiculous our being able to order hundreds to thousands dollars worth of tractor parts from AG tractor-implement dealers and these puny little small engined dealers have got to have their part’s meager pittance in advance before ordering a part we can’t have for at least a week they should have had but don’t keep in stock.
Well, so much for the five & dime lawn and garden entry-manures, rant!
Have noticed another home foreclosed in my neighborhood. It gets worse, another one is about to be foreclosed on within days.
Missing lunch all I had on my returning home mind was ingesting some Tylenol and lunch. Cold out I was ravenous by the time I got here. Meds down, mail checked, lunch downed, I turned my attention to more laundry. Chores were easy, kindling found in barn, ladies still holding almost two bales hay I was back in post haste. Trying to relax a grip still holds onto my head.
Time for rattlers, only another hour for supper. Maybe more food will ease my headache? If not, bed’s looking good for horizontal relief.
Head pain has got to be the worst, encircling the noggin, blinding the vision, petit mal blackouts, loss of concentration and memory. These symptoms read like mine. They are mine……
My supper eatened, more confusion setting in I reposed yesterday’s urinal entry. So I scratched it this AM. Gonna try this all over again today to cover yesterday’s medical adventures. Know every one was GKC I’m looking foreword to what idiocy I’ll write tonight?


Donna said...

I'm sure sorry you're hurting all the time. Nothing's much worse than a bad headache.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Fern, I hope you feel better soon... Linda