Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day

A new day! Not quite! Although, I slept long and deep feeing good opening my eyes, sitting up brought back the headache and wild electrical spikes. Best parts of this day up to sunrise, I’d had ten hours pain free sleep. Yesterday’s high temps had warmed house enough to have let the woodstove fire go out. A bit of extended summer sure feels good.
A small something extra.
There was a time during the seventy’s when denied food stamp help, when my workman’s comp was cut off. for my family I took to operating outside the law (so to speak). I took up harvesting the Governor’s fish, some small games, and deer. At that same time I used to hang out with a couple game wardens even to writing articles about each of them, the stories published in our local paper.
The first piece-de-resistance came 1971 when meeting the older of the two CO’s on the street one day, his saying to me, “I know you’re poaching. I know you’re not doing it for financial gain, Fernan. I know you’re doing it only to feed your family. However, the law is the law. If I ever catch you, I’m hauling you in.” My answer, “If you ever catch me, Dan, I’ll deserve being caught.” While we remained friends, and knowing he had bigger problem rascals to deal with I figured I’d still better watch my back. M’m! Until he retired and passed away I never saw him again excepting in purely social situations.
The second time, was roughly the same with the second junior CO. One day hanging our fish catch on a tote board, he was walking toward us asking how we‘d done. About that time my number one son poked his head around the corner, asking, “What‘ll I do with the rest of them?” This CO. immediately turned on his heal and walked away giving me no more than a wave of the backside his hand. He didn‘t want to know any more. (smiles) I just shows to go you, a little BS spread over the right places nourishes a healthier lasting rapport. LMAO
What a day? Seven retired ladies taking their places for a last ride were headed for St. Louis. I’m not sure whether I’ve been coming or going. A new actuator has been located just 40 miles off Bro’s driven rounds today. That’ll be the baler’s current fix ‘till the broken one’s fixed for backup.
Laundry? When I anxious to have it done it takes forever. I’ve checked on ground cover seed I can pickup uncertified seed for a gravity boxed wagon load Wednesday. A bundle of totes picked-up this morning are now pre-cut open for covering Bro’s wood pile and the Klapper’s straw banked again her house’s outside thoughtlessly walled water pipes for the winter.
I’ve been warned another county nurse is coming by, to see ME this time. Likely for my vitals to determine if I’m either worth saving or to far gone. It’s getting so’s so many people are taking an interest in my welfare they’re accumulation is starting to get under foot. Any more start showing up, if’en there’s any dangers, It’ll be my getting trampled to death under the masses. And, It wont be coming from the ladies.
A bunch of totes opened up Bro’s Winter firewood woodpile is covered. His getting back with new actuator, I soon had it on baler and working about the same time Bro’ had the damaged one came apart. Now it’s seeing if we can get a slew of itsy bitty ball bearings to reload that worm drive. The end seal is likely standard and easy to replace. Getting on to sun down, late taken rattlers, it was my time to bring the van home. Her Mostess’s wheel chair’s loaded. The old computer’s loaded, for possible down loading my text files (if I should take an extra drive). Now, I‘m waiting for 3:30 AM, her Mostess’s last shower, her Ladyship’s luggage, cpap machine, and final instructions. And wondering how much longer Shorthorn country’s going to remain the same being more and more heavily trampled on. BGKC.


Paula said...

Interesting stories about what you had to do to feed your family.

Kelly said...

Glad you got some good rest Fern. I know your better for it. That was some story about feeding the family then. Good to know the guy just walked away from it. You were only doing what you had to do. He knew it too. Good man. Kelly

Alice said...

Wishing you & Freia the best. Hang in there my friend :)....alice