Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today’s day

I awoke early. I awoke to rain. I awoke to pain. My head’s at it again. An invisible spirit is wrapping me across the top near temple area the left side of my face. Who’s ever spirit this one was, its got a Hell of a swing with an incredible arm to repeatably hit me on the same dead centered spot swing after swing.
The pains continue to strike me, some of them getting so severe they rock me so hard I see black filled with bright lights, as if I were actually struck. An ingenious idea coming to mind, I hit the back roads into Otisville to see doc. Great day in the rainy country side he’d gone to a seminar. AND, to think I could have saved him all that trouble, my telling him everything I know in less than a minute. Just show to go you!!!
Desperate I spoke to my pharmacist (almost next door) for an un-intrusive over the counter remedy for relieving sinus pressure. He fixed me up with a Saline nasal spray. So I’ve been trying to blow my brains out all day today with salty water plus. I don’t feel a bit better, but I’m breathing easier and glad I hadn’t bellied up to the table saw all day. I could have cut glass for the tenant house basement window, and perhaps injured myself doing it. Curses. I could also have driven some screws along side the front storm door’s glass, holding them in, this a temporary measure until I either find, put together, or make a whole new front door jamb and install the sought after self storing heavy-duty storm door.
My jaw in excruciating pain I’ve got to call it quits. BGKC.

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