Thursday, July 28, 2011

7-28-2011 How You Like…..

…..waking up to a Charlie-horse before you’ve swung your limbs over the side. It was an opening Valium situation if there ever was one. Oh yeah, I’ve got my Valium supply, but hardly handy. I’ve got them parked somewhere in the house. And, they might just as well be a block away depending upon the tightening severity. Up, I walked it out without the need for the muscle relaxant medication. Whew!
We’ve had thunder boomers and rain all night. While Frieda inventoried them I slept soundly throughout the entire window danced flashed image show and the varied pitched sound effects.
When I did get up and got going I found we’d had an inch and a quarter and better rain fall last night. The farmyard creek was full and running, plus the barnyard had gathered up a swamp’s worth of rainwater run-off. We’ve been re-rewarded with a barnyard lake of muddy waters.
I took out time to take a down’n’out neighbor to a food pantry. When it had come time for him to answer up, while I was talking to somebody else, he had just gathered himself together and had walked away. I went looking for him, not finding him. I don’t know. I could have better used my time!
I later found him. He had a good excuse for his leaving me with a red face. I immediately shagged him back to where we’d been earlier. I’d done my part. He could go it from there. I had other to do!
Lunched early I attacked the Ugly truck’s engine with the ferocity of a hungry lion. The valve covers wrestled off (out 0f the way) I started looking for engine parts failures. First thing to standout in my field of vision was one misplaced pushrod looking at me through a valve rocker arm‘s misguiding hole.
I looked at what I saw and thought, “What’ll I do next?” I removed the damaged parts as a pair. Making a phone call found the parts I needed for, two sets, for less than one pushrod’s cost had I driven to a burb. Then what? Heat’s humidity getting to me mushing my brain I had to think hard…. Bummer, this is no way to go through life. So, I leaned on Ugly looking the entire engine’s the top end what was thus far skinned back so I could study some its innards. About here, I laid down on floor about to slid under Ugly to locate and mark the dampener’s timing mark; I’ll need it for valve lash adjustment.
The cell makes it’s answering wants known. I answer it Her Mostess had thoroughly messed up my instructions for handling a potential visitor to our home this day’s afternoon. She’s decided she needs me home, rat then! The dampener still unmarked, I rolled out from under. At home I re-explain, for what little it did to pent trait a female mind. Oh well, I was getting hot and slow anyway. I got on the internet research information relating to my putting the Ugly truck back together again. By’n’by the phone call comes. The voice on the other having no idea what all she’s messed up including my tomorrow’s morning; I doubt she understand me either. A guy can’t win for loosing when he’s earnestly playing with his toys.

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