Sunday, July 10, 2011


I got-a Say It:
While this one may not count so early in the morning,, just for the record, I’m watching Ann Miller singing and dancing on a Turner channel….What a talent in such delightful packaging. She tires me out just watching all her seemingly unbounded energy. What an artist!!!
Back to the main event, Frieda had said she’d a terrible night’s sleep. Gosh, I was in bed before 9:00PM and didn’t wake until 7:00AM. Making but one water haul all night. I lazily laid on my pallet for a whole lazy-I-test forty whole minutes un-wanting to move. I didn’t even waste my time luxuriating in counting them. That hand cover face of an instrument hanging over the TV told my the times.
Another Time-Out:
I..I..I., seeing Cid Charisse in the same flick, her packaging wasn’t bad either. How any one’s body may be so back bending flex-able without breaking is not only near unbelievable but also envied of youth and her dedicated artistry!
Looking out my window it seems to look like the weather had decided to be cloudy at that moment. Now that some time has passed the Sun is (I believe) teasingly peeking through the thickening cloud cover. I’ve checked the professional’s and my own weather reporting and thinking we were all wrong.
Me who supposedly has to bale hay today, so why shouldn’t it at least threaten rain on my parade.
Our Sun and me:
Because I’ve got a heart condition Doc’s got me on coumadin (or warfarin) likely cheating a well deservent low down dirty rat an eaten passing off this earth. Meanwhile, the sun’s near burning my hide through my straw hat and sometimes flannel shirt. My hide gets so hot I think I’m burning and blistering. I was sounding out loud to Frieda, “My hide is feeling like incidental sand paper. Got me a lot of little pimples all over me.” And I let her feel me.
A while later I told her, “My back and shoulders feel like their peeling from the Sun. While I may not be bleeding but it feels like I am oozing a lot of extract from my itching pores.”
She says, “It’s prickly-heat what you’ve got.”
I told her, “I ain’t bleeding but sure leaking a lot of plasma while I‘m shedding my useless hide.”
Two interesting’s happened after four slices toast slathered under peanut butter. One, before I left home I had asked Her Mostess when it start raining here so’s I’d know how much time I had to seek shelter. I was barely out the driveway and Ugly was taking rain. I celled Her Mostess and asked he why she didn’t tell me it had started raining? ROLMAO! Second, arrival on the scene, I rolled one bale, checked it moisture content and wanted a hay wringer. Moisture levels gauged somewhere between 30% and 40%. My day’s baling was all done, rain or no rain.
To spice up my afternoon I prepare to pull into my drive and Ugly stops right there right smack-dab in the middle of the road. Traffic’s got to go around either side that ugly truck hogging the road’s center where they ain‘t no center lane. If one vehicle ain‘t enough trouble I brought the Cushman for its battery charging skills, it‘s presents kept Ugly company whilst I tried to figure out all‘s gone wrong. I tinker with Ugly‘s carb, got Ugly running, put the Cushman home in the shade, and Ugly never stalled once whiles I had expected it. So, backing Ugly back down to the barn Ugly‘s quit again its front tires stopped dead center the creek bottom. That was a waste of time. They’s no rubber tires cooling water in that dry creek bed.
A change of pace for an afternoon’s adventures, the Cushman and I took to the fields out back. I had three half mile electric fence post and wire segments to run, this almost finishing up the Summer pasturing fences.
Going on 7:00PM and I am to exhausted to fix supper. Maybe if I wait awhile, cool it, chill out, drink me a tall refrigerated water. I had hit my final wall at 6:30PM for I looked at my time piece. I sat there for a few moments and found I had but one swallow water left. I finished that wire run and called it quits.
Come morning I’ll check my fences hot wired connections and run the last piece wire down the west side the hay yard. When all’s well I’ll let the ladies out on another Summer season’s first fresh grazing.

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