Saturday, July 2, 2011

7-1-2011 What an unusual day

The closest thing to an exciting happening all day today, no break downs. That’s correct, no breakdowns. Unbelievably unreal.
For the day’s starters I set out to run and did almost a mile of electric fence. On returning to the barnyard I needed only to holler out once, “Come Boss!” The ladies coming up were on their way. Turned out, a body would have thought all this a slim-flim-knackular idear was theirs idea.
Close enough to a belated lunch time I ate a hearty meal. slipped in some laundry time. My meal hot was a first after several days. Well fed I was taking on an all afternoon 17’r’19 acre alfalfa hay field. I had it mowen in about three hours. I’ll estimate it’ll take me six’n’half hours to bale it alone most likely come Monday.
It had been some days since Ugly had been cleaned out. It was good time clear the old load; used tools, parts leftovers, and assorted fluids. To be replaced with a new collection of shop goods for more current tractor and implement needs.
Some where/some time in these local travels I had checked the Dodge road hay condition. It was ready to bale. I was off again doing the this field and arriving home just moments before this evening’s twilight beginning.
Fixing my supper wasn’t easy as my mind and body went into full relaxed mode the moment my feet crossed over my threshold. Oh I ate well enough satisfying my thirst with a quart and a half of milk. Now ready for sleep.

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