Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7-5-2011 I hates Murphy

Whoever it was who’d initiated Murphy’s law should be tried under Murphy’s laws. Was doing just fine, "thank you very much," when a roller bearing went out on the bigger old baler. This happens, no biggy. Then a while later m trying to beat the Sun’s setting I likely only had two more bales to make when something went awfully wrong. Something had given way to have caused a support carried midway between the machines for holding up hydraulic lines, and power cord, these things suspended between tractor and hay bale making implement, one of them had managed to be caught in he PTO. What a mess. Even the PTO safety shield was involved. Besides the hitch the only part to come through all this damaging commotion was the PTO shaft itself. What a mess to make right. Its late. I’m tired, and calling it a day.

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