Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I read the signs wrong. I just thought it one them 4th July weekend family get togethers. Myself busier than a three legged turtle trying to stay the Hell out of the way any Pennsylvaniass Turk driver’s wobbling wheels. This admission has nothing to do with not caring, but I’ve been busy putting 12 hour days regularly these last weeks. Been to busy for a proper social life…
His trouble started Thursday evening. His blood sugar started going up and up and up. His son called 911. On getting him to the nearest hospital. The staff desperately tried bring his sugar down. He went into cardiac arrest never regaining conciseness. 4:00 AM Friday morning, Handy, was dead!
The family had gathered around to comfort and console each other. I was making hay all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, I fix hay balers all day Wednesday. Feeling heaving my heart I finally stopped by the house Monday. No one home or all gone somewhere?
I searched the internet over and over again, miss lead a couple times until I finally found some word on the family, particularly Handy. My wanting to offer my condolences I was to late the funeral was already underway miles away in an area I daren’t not drive.
7:30 PM this very evening I finally talked to Handy’s son. I apologized profusely, . I gave him my number asked where he was living. He told me right there in grandma’s house. He‘ll take care grandma. Oh boy the son is 14yrs in highschool, grandma’s 86yrs on oxygen 24/7. I don’t know who’s going to take care who?
Home for rattlers off again to finish at least one baling, supper by 8:30 and I’m looking for bed.
If my reader happens o have few extra words laying around, put them up for this family their early May and December adventures.

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Paula said...

I certainly will say a prayer for Handy's family. I'm sorry you lost your friend.