Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Santa Clause
7-6-2011 OMG, I’m so Remiss!
Today’s title’s got it. I have been dismally remiss in reporting my mistaken, yet welcomed, the grand old elf’s identity, twice within the last week. All this recent attention has really put me on the spot causing me to watch my step, my mannerisms and of course acceptably un-bruised speech. I’m telling you, this is one whale of a lot of burden to carry. One such child is a neighbor’s grandson. Putting me on the spot with a nailed down North Pole identification. Best explanation I could make, “I’m in your neighbor hood making reindeer hay.” Which has become my last 16 years long standing loco presents excuse. Whew, if the weren’t enough, I run into another child at a petrol filing station yesterday who’d spotted me and laid that North Pole identity upon me, again. You’ve got to see these children. It’s seen in their eyes on their faces they believe they are right on “Honest Injun” got me dead to rights identified. And, if you want to know, they don’t care what I’m driving. Ugly’d convenient conveyance presents makes little difference in these kids young minds. They know what they know, and that’s I’m who they say I am.
Oh Lawd, if it isn’t enough I must say all the right words to the child, I must also please the Pop’s, Grandpop’s, Grandmom’s, and may only socially wink at their pretty Mom’s. But, I guess, if somebody has to do it, I must accept the responsibility. One things sure, those Newd Yerk City publishers knowing more than I do, for rthe stories I’ve sent them, tell me, ”Children have no year round thoughts about Santa Clause.” Those cockamamie Nuddle mind Jerk Publishers are a long ways from having a hand on the pulse of American children’ free thinking.
“Aurora Borealis”

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