Friday, July 15, 2011

Different kind-a day

The waits and pressures following the weather and opportunities to bring in next Winter’s animal feed is off me back. Still have to bring all those hay bales home though. Meanwhile it might be said I’m taken a load off my back. Could be? Actually I’ve been sitting on my backside along side or slide under the Dumpy truck. That’s right, I got to work on the dumpy truck all day merely trying to change the right front wheel’s rubber brake line. Ugly’s carb out on the road somewhere having been promised going back to its rebuild I’m without Ugly’s heavily wheeled use. The Cushman experiencing a nasty front of the engine oil leak is more or less laid up. Having run out of oil the other day I’m not to sure of all it’s metals conditions. Oil pressure remains good. Still have yet to see what the cylinder pressures are. If it needs a total tear-down it’ll get it. If all it needs is a new crank seal that’ll be near all it gets. And, a one more change, for that re-breather hose coming off starting all this doubt, will see a new hose and surer clamps.
Dumpy truck fought me all day long. GM sure hadn’t planned for this brake hose any way or means to be easily changed. What wasn’t broken I dood it just to be contrary. “sides all new parts will be just so easy to replace even to making up and fitting a second steel brake line to reconnect to the new rubber one. Hammer and chisel it took o remove that old line. I’ve saved putting it all back together for tomorrow. I hate rushing into things. Therefore, I can’t be accused of ever rushing.
Had to hay the girls down the road. Ticks me off nobody else watches after their daily needs. Loader tractor taken mile away from here. I was blessed with starting up and using the 1850 Oliver gasser. Surprise, surprise, it stared right up with out so much as a jump after quietly sitting over to one side for so many months. Happily running it’s engine’s own smooth tune it handled moving a desperate hay bale from here on down the road admirably. The girls fed, they’re much happier campers.
Toting tools via wheelbarrow around my farm yard I had also given my ladies a bucket of mixed salts. One of the ladies found it. A bit later they had all gathered around it as if it were free candy.

A bit later after I had been down the road and back the ladies, some of them, were gathered around the water cooler. Myself to far away to hear their talk, I can only imagine, but I shan’t bore my reader with such trivial gossip.

Well having written about all there was I did today, disappointments, accomplishments, observations; good night my keyboard. I’m only a brown cow (it’s what I call (a chocolate ice-cream/root-bear float) away from my bed time.

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Paula said...

Would you share your float? Reminds me recently I ordered an ice cream soda and the girl ask me do you mean a float?