Thursday, July 28, 2011


This one’s for Donna…..talking about urinary tract infections (UTI's)
Somebody around here had some such problems coming upon or within her shortly after her marriage. She saw the Doc. He explained it like this. Her body had to become accustomed to our biological differences. This problem would go away when her body had accepted my differences within her over a period of time. Her problem had come along with a husband, me.
Well, it was my custom I might leave her alone for several days throughout or marriage. Often I go on hunts and fishing expeditions, and then all her pregnancies deliveries and recoveries. Then she’d live and have that UTI thing all over again.
I remember the worst of those times were when heavy work schedules kept me to busy, sometimes wrapped up in my work I lost interest to properly take care of my bride‘s need. There were also the prolonged hunting expeditions to the mountains or deep forests that’d last a week, ten days, two weeks and more. The same scenario including leaving Herr Clink in So. Haven whilst I spend several weeks Spring planting and Fall harvestings. My having been away upon my return catching up our loving she’d have the same old UTI’s re-occurrence problem in need for more beer.
The worst of these times reoccurred those times particularly after I’d return home after a long absence. It was a honeymoon fortnight each and every time all over again. For it seemed we had so much wordless catching up to do. I say, there were times when the homecomings took a lot out of me.

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Donna said...

Ah yes, honeymoon cystitis. Over and over again.