Thursday, July 7, 2011

Disgusted Exhausten

Out early lubed rotary mower for travel and cutting distant lands. Did the same for Schultz Oliver. That was right after I took the kitten back down to the barn. Yellow puddles and tootsie rolls everywhere that kitten missing the sand box,she's been here that cat had to go. Della’s been thanking me all day. All the affection she’s showered on my today is more than she’s ever paid me all the last four years totaled.
Machinery ready to roll 12:00 noon on the dot, I was only going to stop by my house for sandwich and a glass of milk. There setting the mower down a hydraulic line blew. That cussed Murphy had followed me home. It was a hitched ride back to the shop for Ugly, rope and tools. The rope? Used it tapped onto one end the hose and pulled through the machine’s main frame. Bro’ taking the hose away for repair, I had my lunch. The hose tapped to the hose the rope pulled the repaired hose back in. Hose repair had lucked out fixed with about 10” hose cut out and two fitting placed on the new ends. I was able to roll again along about 3:30 PM. Murphy’s timing couldn’t have been better. I led parade after parade crossing the width of the township.
On the scene made my hello’s and went to braking in the field. Scarcely a 13rd way into the field the hydraulics started acting up. The oil over heated I had lost tractor steering and R-M lift. Hitching another ride home I also picked up repair cutting blades along with Hydraulic oil. Getting back I had tractor steering, still no mower lift. Curses it was quits.
Stopping in Otisville my prescriptions hadn’t been filled. What! So it was a half hour or more before I could roll again. Home I put 2 gallons milk in he frig. Put me a dinner in the micro wave poured me a pint milk, drank it and poured me another to go along with my supper.
Two of the nicest things I saw today one was a buck in the velvet I just missed it crossing the road right in front of me. The second was the hayfield I broke into, heavily grown timothy and quack grasses for hay. Crop so heavy I dropped tractor gears twice to cut it. My best most productive speed was 5 ½ mph rather than my breakneck 8mph speeds.
Whether this makes any sense tonight I’m tired enough I don’t care. Sweet dreams!
PS: I've hitched so many rides this last week, I aught-a be awarded a lifetime pass. Catch-up pictures another evening.... Zzzzzzzzz

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