Thursday, July 14, 2011

My 2nd Finish

Well maybe not second finishing but then again while I had finished the first hay cutting just a few days ago. Today I had finished baling the whole of all the first hay cutting experiences.
Broken belt fixed this morning. Cushman loaded with everything I might need: diesel fuel, motor and/or hydraulic oil, belt lacing, some odds’n’ends tools and a step ladder. In spite my ambitions are running a low esteemed low I plugged on. I finished my hay baling well ahead of time today thanks to not needing to rake a single hay leaf for drying purposes.
On my way home I stopped by the super market again for the tea I couldn’t remember for the life of me last night. Got me root-beer pop to sip on for my continued drive home.
In my rattlers taken, an enjoyed glass milk, some leisure time finding myself wanting to doze off I might better tidy up (put Cushman away) and let natures rest take me over.
I heard a witnessed report a whole family of five were massacred on Genesee Road this morning. Thems one mother and family of four raccoon youngsters I needn’t worry about. I also found myself under plenty of field scrutiny all day I were a field. Had to doses busy body deer come out, see me and immediately run for cover not realizing I had seen them. Mother Nature’s got her spies watching me from every-angle from everywhere. She had even enlisted the aid of rabbits, a woodchuck, and some squirrels, I pulled my hat tighter down to my ears. I’ve heard them squirrels go for nuts. I might better have worn my hardhat?
Yup! I think I had better just park it in the barn and let nature take its course. Gosh, I want another glass milk!!!
Back, I choose for myself a extra tall chilled tea.
How about this?
I had goofed the original rolling this bale. The large mass between foreground bale and tractor was as far as the tractor could push it rolling reduced half its size. From there to here I had pushed the bale out myself and then all the way out. Interestingly enough the second rolling the very same hay, a smaller tighter well tied hay bale came out of it.

Can you believe this?
Last spring making an electric fence in Bro’s backyard, stopping to take a breather and down some water, under Ugly’s tailgate our looking down, right there it was behind the bumper was some this five fingered stuff growing.
Today some ten miles away taking a catching my breath breather looking down, all the tall timothy and quack-grass hay harvested into bale, but what to my wondering eyes do I see? These little guys spread out over a good sized area. Here’s some more those five fingered plants. Ain’t no lie, this coming Winter my ladies may be on grass. (laughing out loud.) It’s everywhere. Sheesh if it were ever made a fully legal cash crop I might already have it with a wee bit of coaxing? (heehaw)
So worn I ain’t even got enough energy left to celebrate my accomplishments. That’s bad! Maybe a sammitch and that second cold glass milk. Got-a call it quits…..

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